Top Five of the Playstation 3's Sexiest Exclusive Babes

Brandon Thompson writes: "Gamers can debate all day about which video game character is the hottest; but there is no debate as to which console has the hottest exclusive game babes. The Playstation 3 has some of the best exclusive titles and among those are some of the hottest babes. We run down out top five ps3 babes.

Sure we could have run down the usual list of fighters and Ninja Gaiden babes, but those aren't exclusives. These women are only from games found on the Playstation this generation. As usual, we don't number our top fives, but you're welcome to. Have a suggestion or better PS3 exclusive babe? Let us know."

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BattersUp4727d ago

They did a pretty broad "honorable mention" by including as the GoW III gals. I guess naming Aphrodite is against the rules since she's a Goddess who appeared in tons of games before.

Yi-Long4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

... Chloe, Meryl and Elena are nothing special. Nariko is by far the hottest chick on the list, and Chloe is very attractive as well, but not really 'sexy'.

Where are the girls from Valkyria Chronicles!? Doesn't Yakuza 3 have a couple of pretty girls? Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has the gorgeous Momiji (also the gorgeous Ayane, but she was also in the 360 version of NG2). Does Ridge Racer 7 still have that pretty short haired babe!?

And what about Fat Princess!?!?!?

kraze074727d ago

Totally agree. Nariko and Madison are the only girls on that list that should actually be there.

SaiyanFury4727d ago

Personally, I think the girls in their alternate DLC costumes are the hottest on the PS3. Rachel in her business suit rocks. Momiji in her blue coloured outfit is just plain sexy. Leave us not forget to speak about Ayane. She's hot in anything. Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2 is pretty damned good and voiced by the equally hot Claudia Black. God knows, she was sexy on Farscape, possibly one of the best sci-fi shows of all time. Not to mention some great quotes from just about every character.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4727d ago

If Big Mutha Truckers ever comes to the PS3 we will be able to add Ma Jackson to the list...

Reibooi4726d ago

I was wondering the entire list where Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles was.

Pretty bad list. Personally I think only Elena and Nariko should be on it the others are meh at best and horrifying at worst.

Absolut_Turkey4726d ago

Bubbles for the "Farscape" comment. Agreed Chloe Frazer/Claudia Black is a hottie. Strong women with British accents are one of my personal weaknesses.

FarEastOrient4726d ago

I love that Yi-Long where is fat princess?

SaiyanFury4726d ago

@1.8 Absolut_Turkey

Haha, no problem. Technically, Claudia Black and the majority of the Farscape crew were all from Australia, as the show was largely shot there, but I agree; a strong female presence is always very nice, and Claudia Black certainly has one. :)

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Corrwin4727d ago

She's more cute than sexy I guess, but still.

BYE4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

The two hottest redheads in videogame history.

kraze074727d ago

Even though I love the MGS series I would put Regina from Dino Crisis above Meryl, but Nariko is definitely the hottest.

vgchica4727d ago

There's a Dino Crisis on PS3? Slap me silly. *runs off to google*

kraze074727d ago

No but I was replying to what Ceekay said about them being the hottest in video game history.

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meetajhu4727d ago

Nariko is the best. Her ass is the cutest

awesomeperson4727d ago

Ahh XBOX babes: Alien chicks from ME? or Masterchief. Pick one.

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