The design philosophy at Naughty Dog: An interview with Uncharted 2's co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand

Critical Gamer writes: As one of the more prominent faces behind a team of 90 developers who made one of the best cinematic action games of all time, Richard Lemarchand has recently given tons of interviews and presentations promoting his company's development philosophy. Signing a decent portion of Uncharted 2 copies in the process, this lead designer at Naughty Dog still resembles a very down to earth kind of guy. Especially after all the praise and prizes he and his team have received for their latest work on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. While at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to give his own Uncharted 2 post-mortem presentation, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Lemarchand to ask him about how he got to this far as a game designer, why he loves his job at Naughty Dog so much and what lies ahead of him and his team.

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Jim Crikey3732d ago

A big name dev who isn't blinded by the sun in his own backside. Take that David Cage!

MiamiACR3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I love how Naughty dog is a respectful developer when it comes to dealing with other company's, anyone who rates this game any lower then "Fantastic" is a fool. Loved the interview and personally can't wait for Uncharted 3.

BloodyNapkin3732d ago

My god i love ND but, they have me a little upset right now. I bought the new mappack and have played for about 3 hours and haven't seen one of the new maps yet. So i went to their site to see what was going on and everything seems fine, nothing about problems or anything. So i e-mailed them and they quickly replied that as new people buy the mappack it will become available in the rotation of maps. Cause if one person does not have the new mappack it plays a map that he has. So i sent another e-mail back asking what if not that many people does not buy the map pack? Shouldn't they match people up better that have DLC. These new maps look awesome and i am wanting to play them...=(

NS3732d ago

What lies ahead?

U3 goty 2011

Cubes3732d ago

Uncharted 2 was my favourite game from last year, and I can't wait for the third installment.

scruffy_bear3732d ago

Yeah Uncharted 2 was my GOTY

DigitalAnalog3732d ago

Yours, along with 150+ awards..

-End statement

Michael-Jackson3732d ago

Naughty Dog are one of the best Devs out there! They created Jak and Crash which are great games (until Crash IP was sold).

They always deliver.

Can't wait for U3.

bjornbear3732d ago

behind a great game! =D

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