PlayStation Network Users Reporting Hacked Accounts [Update]

Ironstar: "Those of you who have been following this story [LINK] regarding our Ironstar comrade Dom Guerrera's PlayStation Network account being hacked; this is a fully detailed version of his situation, along with another PlayStation Network user that has reported a similar story. The previous post involving Dom's PlayStation Network account being somehow hacked never detailed his situation in full, I made brief reference to it as a warning."

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WildArmed3100d ago

Wow. that sucks.
I hope the credit card company can get him the other half back.

GrieverSoul3100d ago

Not likely! The credit card company isnt responsible. Otherwise I would just give a friend´s of mine my card, reported stolen and later use its account on my PS3.
Im not doubting this man´s problem or anything but these things are getting really out of hand. Besides, the link constantly crashes. Might be my internet (at work).

A little advice from me:
- NEVER, EVER use those PSN codes generator sites. No one gives somethign for free without bad intentions.
- NEVER, EVER register to a website with your PSN ID or GAMERTAG and use the same PSN password. They will have your email for the registration processs and then they just add 2 + 2.
- NEVER, EVER gameshare your main account! Use a secondary account for the purchases.

Hill_billy3100d ago

Isn't it common knowledge these days to just stay away from the "too good to be true" sites? Common sense, oh where for art thou?

Chaostar3100d ago

The guy got scammed and now he's in too deep to retract on his lie about not giving away his details.

There is just NO WAY someone can get into your account without at least knowing your email addy. I'm sorry but the truth of it is that one guy was stupid enough to give his details away wether to this code site or to someone just looking over his shoulder as he typed a password is not important. He got scammed and is just too proud to admit it.

Now this website is scare mongering for hits and I for one find it a disgusting form of "journalism".

HolyOrangeCows3100d ago

You can't get hacked or lose info from opening a PSN message.
His friend went to the site and entered info and won't admit it because he doesn't want to look stupid.

heroicjanitor3100d ago

I wonder why Sony doesn't call him on it, or maybe they think it might have been the message? Doubt it though, they are probably just being nice

Double073100d ago

Chaostar hit the nail on the head with his comment.

+ Bubbles.

OpenGL3100d ago

I'm sure Sony is already aware of the fact that this was not a case of actual hacking. No self respecting company like Sony, Microsoft, or Valve would attempt to blame or humiliate one of their customers that has become a victim of phishing.

Christopher3100d ago

I'm going to have to say it, but Dom is likely lying. Sorry, it's embarrassing, but it's most likely that he fell for a phishing scam and just doesn't want to admit it.

rexus123453100d ago

Some credit card companies provide fraud insurance, either free or for a small fee.
So it's possible to get his money back from credit card company.

WildArmed3100d ago

Most credit cards give u all your money back used for unauthorized use anything above 50 bucks.
I've had a problem like that, and my credit card company refunded me everything past the first 50 bucks

Kleptic3100d ago

Am I reading this right?...its saying that he didn't even reply to the message or visit the code site?...or is that just him covering his tracks?...

either way...this is expected...but its mostly up to Sony to fix it...they have information on what time, to what ip address, and from what ip address all the content was downloaded to...but this guy mostly has to prove that it was all done without his knowledge...

regardless of what is done by Sony, most credit cards have different options for fraudulent purchases...but its the same thing; he will need to prove it was all done behind his back...what really sucks is that $350 is not a big deal in terms of credit card fraud...its when thousands of dollars are run up that the CC company will really get behind it and help...his best chance if Sony and the CC company won't in small claims court, which will take forever and cost more in court fees than what he is trying to get back in the first place...

I pulled my CC information the minute all this crap started up...would suggest that to anyone until this all clears up...

Biggunz3100d ago

do people try to spread lies like this? Common sense would tell you that if it were this easy to get your account hacked then there should be thousands of PSN users complaining about hacked accounts, not just one or two...

ThanatosDMC3100d ago

People who registered for that crap are insanely stupid that they put down their account login name and password... ::facepalm::

BattleAxe3100d ago

This guy probably gave his info to someone he met on the PSN so that they could do some game sharing, but the moron didn't bother to change his password after the fact.

Sarick3099d ago

There is one thing the guy didn't think about. His computer was probably key logged. I'm sure he logs on PSN with the PC..

People should have something like this free software install for web browsing.

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Gun_Senshi3100d ago

Its a site that claims to generate psn network codes for money. It tells you to give a link to people, the more the more you win money. (Appart from being viruses) after it claims to enter psn account so you get the prize.

Yea right, you have to be dumb to log on psn account on a non offical playstation site

BeaArthur3100d ago

Agreed, if you give out any personal information in an effort to win something then you deserve what you get.


Stay away from phishing sites or scams

AKS3100d ago

His credit card bounced due to a $350 purchase?

Redempteur3100d ago

some credit card accompt may have a limit on how much you can use per week ?
that may be the case ..

BUt even then i find this story really weird

ger1013100d ago

Jesus Christ, Dom should just man the hell up and admit he put his PSN details into that scam site.

JustTheFactsMr3100d ago

Yep. This site just moved to my ignore list for all time.

Kotaku. Edge. Add another bunch of liars to the list.

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