PSNF*cker v2.00000001 released, PSNLover incoming

Homebrew coder Vosman is back once again in the homebrew scene to release a new version of PSNF*cker, the very handy homebrew plugin that allows you to once again access the PSN store, download games and play online.

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FantasyStar3102d ago

That's...pretty interesting...I like the name =D

Anon19743102d ago

I would not trust any custom firmware with my credit card information. I don't care if it does allow me access to the PSN store. You know what also allows me access to the PSN store. Regular updates from Sony and I don't have to worry about them robbing me.

Eddie201013102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Why was this story passed?

Raypture3102d ago

Hart to tell really, this place is so adamantly against even RENTING a game I can't see why they'd pass articles talking about piracy that helps pirates. Especially the ones pertaining to viruses, god if they released a article everytime theres a new virus out we'd never get any actual news.


I'm glad I have 2 PS3's one I never updated and I'm waiting for a fix so I can use other OS. The other is a slim so I can use that for PSN untill I get the old fat back up.

Eddie201013102d ago

This hack is for PSP not PS3.

BannedForNineYears3102d ago

Free games. Cool.

dragonmoony3102d ago

f*ck linux
just upgrade fof*cksake

NeutralGamer3102d ago

This is'nt bout PS3 and Linux...

Its about freeloaders running downloaded games on customfirmware for PSP...

Now they can even come on PSN -.-

themyk3101d ago

maiku your the cancer thats killing /b/

MAiKU3101d ago

And you're the woman who destroys a mans sex life, your point?

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