The Top 5 Greatest James Bond Video Games Ever

Gamerzines picks its top five favourite Bond games of all time, which includes NightFire and Everything is Nothing

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ClownBelt3101d ago

I've played "The World is Not Enough" on the PS1. I think that was my very first FPS game.

farhsa20083101d ago

It was my first one too however my personal favourite is Everything or Nothing, it felt just like a bond movie.

sinncross3101d ago

Agreed, EON is absolutely awesome... blows my mind that FRWL ( a successor title) is worse then EON in every single conceivable way.

In fact, I'd change FRWl in 5th place to Agent Under Fire: the arcade feel of that Bond game makes it a lot of fun.

Man In Black3101d ago

Seriously, the freefall mission where you have to catch the falling woman is one of my all-time favourite gaming moments. Just incredibly awesome.

Plus, the AI was fantastic. I liked how they'd try to disarm you and use your own guns against you, which meant running around with the rocket launcher was generally a bad idea :P

Also, the highway chase on the bike, where you slide under a tanker and use the flamethrower to toast an enemy right above you = BADASS

Cevapi883101d ago

i didnt even need to open this to know that GoldenEye 64 was number 1 :)

overall its a nice list...i have played a couple of those and enjoyed them a lot

renegade3101d ago

Me too but not the first FPS. Also Nightfire was my first game I bought for ps2 was a good game.

mikepmcc3101d ago

Nightfire splitscreen...good times.

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stb3101d ago

A deniable number 1, goldeneye.

ceedubya93101d ago

I shouldn't even have to look at this list to see what number 1 is...

Corrwin3101d ago

I'm not saying it doesn't deserve it, but there hasn't exactly been a flood of other Bond games as awesome.

Personally I think James Bond: The Duel on Mega drive beats almost all the game son this list... And to this day I still don't know why it has an stage that looks to be set on Endor. It was a great time for game creativity, I guess ;)

mushroomwig3101d ago

Hmm I wonder what number one will be...

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The story is too old to be commented.