PSN Store Day Move Not Due To 360

TheSixthAxis looks at why the US and EU PSN Store Updates are moving after next week.

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WildArmed3099d ago

Yay for b!tchy ps3 owners!

ugh.. i mean yay for all the constructive criticism from the PS3 owners.

I for one am very glad it'll b on tuesdays!

ClownBelt3099d ago

Lmao. There sure a lot of them.

3099d ago
Corepred43099d ago

b1tchy ps3 owners? have you 3 read your own comments? lmao!! and really. realllllly, you want to start the whole who copied who debate. lmao clowns. nom nom nom!

juniordee3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

And Microsoft didn't steal anything in their lifetime?

Hill_billy3099d ago

This post is so full of fail I don't know where to start. lol

t0mmyb0y3099d ago

really jaysquared, most of those should have been included from the start. f*ckin background downloading should have been a no-brainer

HolyOrangeCows3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

"Another feature stolen by Sony.. Just like achievements, home button, PSN, background downloading, Ingame XMB and the list keeps going!"

Achievements - Several computer services used similar systems before Xbox
Home button - PSP featured a "home button" before Xbox 360 was born.
PSN - You seriously consider online services as an invention of Microsoft? System-specified online services are not new.
Background downloading - Computers have pretty much done this for over a decade. Even non-Windows ones.
In-game XMB - ??? Again.....PSP.

Diamondwolf3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

After reading opening comments and actually reading the news article I have GOT to become more of a fanboy and less of a gamer. The whole time, here's my [email protected] thinkin' that the move was to coincide with the US Release dates and all of this new day 1 DLC stuff. To push PSN downloadables to the same days that retail releases hit for all of the games that release online and hard copy.

But in reality what it's there for, is to provide excellent intel for Sony to say that we get our stuff out first, and then 360 fanboys cry to Microsoft to have it moved to Mondays, when the whole thing was Microsoft's idea that they inserted a mole at Sony in order to make news stories about how broken the games are that release on Tuesday, so people inevitably buy them the next day on the 360 instead. Then we all play so much that the 360 explodes into fairy dust that if you inhale you get the sensation that you need to play and watch things in 3D which in turn makes the Sony mole excited that he tricked Microsoft into thinking that he was working for them when he really was working for Samsung!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like the answer was right there all along.

You guys amaze me!

"It’s the internet."

Brklynty13099d ago

CALLING ALL CARS ALERT!!!! SONY STOLE A DAY OF THE WEEK FROM MICROSOFT!!!! *epic face falm* You fail on SOOOO many levels.

vhero3099d ago

They can't deny it's not to get one up on MS as it is.

Highlife3099d ago

So Tuesday is a feature???

jeseth3099d ago

But I actually liked having the Thursday night releases . . . its like you had two days of the week to look forward to for new content.

Either way, this is barely news.

BloodyNapkin3099d ago

While i don't think jaysquard comments was necassary. There is quite a few flaws in your's.

"Achievements - Several computer services used similar systems before Xbox"

Yes similar and most was rewards for doing in game stuff and only just select games

"Home button - PSP featured a "home button" before Xbox 360 was born."

Maybe you forgot about the original xbox which launched in 2001 which had a guide button.

"PSN - You seriously consider online services as an invention of Microsoft? System-specified online services are not new."

For a console it was brand new.

"Background downloading - Computers have pretty much done this for over a decade. Even non-Windows ones."

Yeah but the first to do that was a Microsoft OS.

"In-game XMB - ??? Again.....PSP."

?????? Again orginal xbox.

Nevers3099d ago

I don't give a rats about it moving days... I just want it to be more user friendly. I hate the layout as it is.

sinclaircrown3099d ago

Open Zone is this way >>

Everything on consoles will always be "stolen" from each other. Thats just how things work. Not just game consoles, EVERYTHING.

One compay invents the bagless vaccum cleaner, then others start making those. Of course you know all this, but you would rather be a fanboy for a peice of equipment. Do yourself a favor, just enjoy games for what they are. If you wanna be a fan of something, try a sports team.

ceedubya93099d ago

from each other. Neither is more guilty of it than the other.

Utalkin2me3099d ago

You just got owned my friend....

TresTrendu3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

My only concern is how HolyOrangeCows , gave all this false information. But people agree with him just for the sake of fanboyism.

orange-skittle3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Why dont you STFU and stop comparing 360 to a PC!!! PC's have been around for over 20 years and you're comparing them to a home console. Get a life! The comparison is between PSN and XBL. When it comes to those, there is no comparison. PSN was an afterthought according to Sony. They didn't think online gaming was going to blow up as fast as it did and that's why PSN is playing catch up. The PS3 didn't have a modem or HDD you idiot, it was an add-on later and the original xbox came out the box with a HDD and ethernet port instead of dial-up like Sony's network adapter. Learn something for once instead of running your mouth. Microsoft experimented with the idea on the Dreamcast since it was powered by windows CE, so do you really want to go down this road?

Every feature Sony is trying to add has already been integrated into XBL, so what's your point? Sony still hasn't done anything with linking friends to player matches or improving the messaging system. Why must I read friend messages in the received box instead of clicking on their gamertag? Why is there a separate SENT box? Shouldn't it keep a log of your exchanges with that one individual instead of every message sent? I seriously think they are leaving the task to college kids as a project.

Mr Logic3099d ago

You are right on most of those things. Except that "System-specified online services" existed on the Dreamcast.

GarandShooter3099d ago

'Why must I read friend messages in the received box instead of clicking on their gamertag? Why is there a separate SENT box? Shouldn't it keep a log of your exchanges with that one individual instead of every message sent?'

What are you talking about? You click on a friends ID and the VERY FIRST icon is the MESSAGE LIST that lists ALL messages, sent and received. Instead of telling someone else to STFU maybe you'd like to get your facts straight before spewing BS.

madpuppy3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

The first multitasking operating system released 41 years ago in 1969.

last time I checked MS operating systems didn't start multitasking till Windows 95 and not properly till service pack 1.

I know it is hard to comprehend, but MS did not really innovate (invent) much at all.

WildArmed3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

For the record, I'm one of those b!tchy ps3 owners =/

So it wasn't really meant to be offensive as much as a joke..
mush alas that's N4G for you.


Oh and please stfu if your gonna talk about MS and Nintendo here. =/
It's about PSN and keep it that way

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ScarT3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

If it's tuesdays, wednesdays or thursdays. As long as I get my updates.

The_Firestarter3099d ago

the sooner I can get my weekly updates, the better. I like the usual Thursday updates, but I'm excited for sooner updates. Kudos for Sony.

GodsHand3099d ago

Tuesdays sound good to me, seeing how, new releases are avaliable on Tuesday, but the games don't come out for sale until Wednesday. But if it did not change I would fine with that aswell. It's not like I can buy everthing that comes out, just the select few titles that intrest me.

sarshelyam3099d ago

I don't think it matters WHEN my updates's still a week until the next update regardless of how early in that week it may land.

I think Xbox owners always thought of their update as the early boon that wins this war but, honestly, I don't follow the updates Xbox has been reduced to the rare First Party Exclusive, but primarily a Netflix box for my son.

ReBurn3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Weak headline. Poor story. I don't know of anyone who thought Sony was "a day behind" because Microsoft updates on one day and Sony another. Some people just look for conspiracy everywhere.

Not every move is a battle in the "war".

Zydake3099d ago

First time I read the headline I couldn't understand it lol

SmokedOut3099d ago

Who care microsoft updates there store everyday, not just one lousy day a week.

Brklynty13099d ago

...When you can just update all a weeks worth in 1 day?.......

Douwantit3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

But why update a weeks worth in one day.

When you can update it everyday?

Cause it gives you more of a reason to sign in. I sign in every Thursday on PSN and wade through the mess they have to see if there is anything i want. Then i wont sign in again until Thursday.

jalen2473099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Makes perfect sense to me.

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