Updated StarCraft II Single Player Cinematic

The original, "Tidings of Doom" cinematic from BlizzCon 2008 has been significantly updated.

With improved graphics, textures and a different dialogue between Jim Raynor and Zeratul, we get even more hints on what is actually happening. Is Kerrigan really a messiah?

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Cogo3101d ago

This surely bring the story a little bit more clear!

Leord3101d ago

Well, not THAT much more clear, but some interesting hints, nonetheless!

JnM3101d ago

Man, this just keeps on getting juicier and juicier!

theCHUNK3101d ago

Tidings of comfort and doom,
comfort and doom,
Oh oh, tidings of comfort and doom.

Medievaldragon3101d ago

They changed the original Tidings of doom cinematics

Cogo3101d ago

+1 bubble for stating the obvious :)

Terrice3101d ago

Always welcome some new SC2 content, and the graphics are definitely shaping up nicely.

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