New StarCraft II Single Player Gameplay

Two new StarCraft II single player gameplay videos have been released, previewing some of the new missions players will undertake.

Jim Raynor has fallen on hard times and is gathering ancient artefacts and Terrazine gas for a mysterious employer just to pay his crew and keep fighting the Dominion's tyrannical leader, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.

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JnM3103d ago

I can't wait for that campaign, blizzard really does do an awesome job with their story and gameplay

theCHUNK3103d ago

Oh Jim Raynor, I wish I could quit you.

Cogo3103d ago

That laser drill is so cool, haha.

UIOP3103d ago

As long as its in the editor, I will call your cool and double it :P

Terrice3103d ago

I echo this statement. :)

Leord3103d ago

It's like the ion cannon of SC2, only this one actually does something! :)

Medievaldragon3103d ago

Man thats a huge laser drill

Leord3103d ago

Bigger than any ingame building, I'm fairly certain of.

UIOP3103d ago

Yeah, the campaign look awesome!
I think the editor will be the real gem though ;)

(That will be my main reason for buying the game anyway)

Terrice3103d ago

The first video looks like a Terran tutorial to me, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.