New StarCraft II Single Player Screenshots

13 new Single Player screenshots from the anticipated RTS StarCraft II have just been released.

These new shots show three new missions, including the first ever sneak peek at the Protoss mini-campaign in the single player game.

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theCHUNK3101d ago

I can't wait to sneak more peeks.

sid4gamerfreak3100d ago

another brilliant game for the PC

JnM3101d ago

looks awesome! But way to show the dog a bone and putting it away

Leord3101d ago

Lol, I love doing just that :)

Hehe, no I love dogs.

Terrice3101d ago

Yep, more teasing on Blizzard's behalf. :)

UIOP3101d ago

These are really cool!
I really like the campaign images.

Terrice3101d ago

Indeed, though we kind of expected the Firebat to return it's great to finally see it properly.

Medievaldragon3101d ago

Love the research and tech purchase UI.

UIOP3100d ago

Indeed.. o.O
I have a feeling that 'awesome' won't be enough to describe the campaign ;)

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