Metal Gear Solid 4 Details in IGN Preview

IGN Reports: "Konami shows off the most amazing game that this great Earth will ever gift to us.

Mr. Kojima-san promises that all will be revealed in Metal Gear Solid 4 -- all of the characters key to the saga will be seen or referenced, and all of the story elements will be wrapped up in this fourth game. This promises to wrap up the storyline of our hero Solid Snake (and given that early trailers of the game showed Snake contemplating suicide, this well may be the end for him.) Exact gameplay details are still scarce, but we have learned that while the game uses the same tactical sneaking action gameplay that the series is known for, there will be many more new and surprising elements added to MGS4 to make it a unique and dynamic chapter in the franchise. Kojima is investing all of his knowledge and experienced gained from 20 years in the market, and given that the MGS series has been flawless up until this point, in Kojima we trust. "

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SimmoUK4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Yes! this feels so good all the great studios are back on top, they've delivered before and they are delivering again! Kojima this game = amazing, actually I can't find a word for how MGS makes me feel...

"Shown in HD with incredible visual clarity and a perfect framerate, Metal Gear Solid 4 was the stunner it needed to be. And although all of the footage was cinematic clips, the whole trailer was built out realtime footage, and Mr. Kojima promised that the actual game that you play "will be in this quality". Konami will unfortunately not be showing MGS4 in playable form at E3 2007 (though Konami does have its own E3 press conference scheduled at about 6PM PST today, so we'll see what more surprises will be revealed there), but the company has scheduled a realtime demonstration in Tokyo next week where Hideo Kojima will be playing the actual game to show how its gameplay mechanics work. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will release across the globe in a simultaneous release early in 2008 exclusively for PlayStation 3."

ALIEN4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

This is crazy. SONY just drop a bomb at E3.


TheMART-sucksdick4302d ago

I have always hated the camera views in metal gear, i hope they have changed it, it will still be a great shooter no mater what.

ALIEN4302d ago

I have always hated the camera views in MGS too. I hope they have changed it.

Tsalagi4302d ago

They are using the camera from MGS3 Subsistence. It's just like the one used in Splinter Cell.

bung tickler4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

"IGN Reports: "Konami shows off the most amazing game that this great Earth will ever gift to us."

i don't care what system you prefer but to say that MGS4 is the best game ever currently let alone for all time is a little far reaching. sorry, I can think of hundreds of games I like more than any of the MGS games. reporting like this makes me sick. i mean not one game in the mgs series is a top 20 selling game all time...

lol i lost a bubble... man you guys are sad. tools.

@riqued: no actually i have never purchased any mgs game... played them yes, nothing special. i wont lose sleep over this at all as i want planning on getting this anyways. i have too many games to buy as is this holiday season, halo, mass effect, blue dragon, lost odessy, gta4, and assassins creed.

riqued4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

It makes you sick because it's a ps3 exclusive, admit!

@bloody diarrhea: so? MSG series still is one of the best game series ever, and MGS4 is probably the best of this series... If makes you sick to hear this then something is wrong...

razer4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

It's from a pro PS3 site like %90 of the articles yet every advantage to embelish the truth is used to make the game seem more than it is. Both sides do it and it's unfortunate. I personally never liked an MGS game ever.. Ah, dillusion is such a great thing.

@5.1 - That is not what this article says and I don't think that is the problem with what BD is trying to say. To make a post that says "The greatest game the earth will ever gift to us". Is a huge exageration and basically sensational and to a non-blind fanboy ridiculous.

JIN KAZAMA4302d ago

A Xbot FANBOY, ohhh, you must be very UNBIASED in your comments huh??

People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones little boy.

riqued4302d ago

I think it's obvious that IGN didn't mean to say that MSG4 is the best game ever, it's exaggerating on purpose, can't you see that??

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