PS3/360 Gap Slims To Just Over 3 Million?

PlayStrum writes: "The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are two consoles that are typically very well-liked among the "hardcore" gamers for staying true to what that audience wants. Xbox 360 gamers were treated to their best-selling title, Halo 3, back in September of 2007 - the same year that we were all given Call of Duty in a new light. PlayStation 3 gamers were happy to see that their most beloved hardcore franchises from the PlayStation 2 days were given the next generation treatment in games like God of War III and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots."

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saint_john_paul_ii3153d ago

so the PS3 wont be in second place after this gen ends huh?

cmrbe3153d ago

The x360 will be 3rd place this gen when all is said and done.

Sony if they stick to the plan will sell at least 100 million PS3. Weather that will see it pass the wii is really not known. The PS3 sales have increased despite the fact that its still at the same price of the launch PS2. When the PS3 hits 199 it will see PS1 and PS2 numbers soon enough. Sony is the only company that were able to sell 100 million back to back. The PS3 is heading that direction as well.

nix3153d ago

would have been worse if Sony didn't have any problem with their stocks.

morganfell3153d ago

This is why MS has such a large team of spin masters because the truth is beating them in the face. Sony is gaining ground like a predator and I honestly think once Natal is exposed they will still get some people but the reviewers are going to turn on this thing like a rabid dog. It will drive these numbers even more.

GreenGrass3153d ago

Interesting. Lets wait for Sony's official numbers. My guess is the PS3 is about 36 million atm.

Tony-A3153d ago

At your report:

Microsoft announced 40 million for their Fiscal year. Their fiscal year didn't end last week, when those estimates were posted. They probably announced 40mil as of March 31st. I'm pretty sure that's when fiscal years end in the gaming industry.