Former Infinity Ward Employees Join Respawn

Xboxic Reports: Former Infinity Ward Programmer, Jon Shiring had confirmed today via his twitter account that he has accepted employment with Respawn Entertainment founded by former Infinity Ward heads, Jason West and Vince Zampella. Following the announcement, further ex Infinity Ward staff confirmed various positions on their Facebook and Linkedin profiles.

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zeeshan3098d ago

If there is anything that could bring down Activision to a level where they won't talk God, I'd support it and well, I am happy regarding this news :)

thisisxbox3098d ago

I think whatever game they are making for EA is seriously going to rival Call of Duty - Activision must be spitting chips at this.

NYC_Gamer3098d ago

finally they can make something besides MW games...

Kratos Spartan3098d ago

West and Zampella joined EA and created Respawn rather quickly. Kinda makes ya wonder...