Joystiq: No More Heroes remakes outsold the original by a little

JC Fletcher writes:
We're not going to say that No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is a hit, but those of us in constant fear of Marvelous running out of money can breathe a sigh of relief, as the remake has brought a little cash in (more considering that the game is a port and therefore probably less expensive to produce).

In fact, both versions managed to make it into the Media Create top ten, with the PS3 version's 16,000 copies securing a #7 position and the Xbox 360 version's 15,000 copies at #8.

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PS360WII4072d ago

More NMH players the better

tunaks14072d ago

wii version outsold the ps3 version
Wii version outsold 360 version
360 and ps3 version COMBINED, outsold the wii version


The only reason I would buy this, is for Achievements/Trophies and Hi-def sprinkle. The Wii version, I'm predicting, will still be the best version because of the motion controls. Suda delivered!!!

hatchimatchi4072d ago

I have this for the ps3, really cool game.

I wanted to get it for the wii but I opted not to buy it because I didn't want to give money to ubisoft after playing the disaster that is, 'Red Steel.'