Halo Reach Limited / Legendary Edition – Comes in at 5.5kgs

OXCGN discusses the new Limited and Legendary Edition of Halo Reach and limited editions in general:

"The new Legendary Halo Reach Limited Edition Noble One Team Statue will drop on your desks at a cool 5kgs, not including the huge tin box, the huge Diary, Cloth Badge, Security card Artefact bag and other gear.

There are two items available outside the standard edition of course.

The Halo Reach Limited Edition and the Halo Reach Legendary Edition (see left image). You'll see what each contains below."

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Ghoul3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Well Reach will end my 360 absence (check my gamercard) i sold it 2 years ago.

Halo (legendary) and 360 here i come again, i couldnt resist a halo since the first one (except ODST).

can anyone tell me if reach and natal will release simultanisly ?

DirtyLary3972d ago

If these are truly limited in production I'm going to buy a couple to flip. Should pay off my gaming for the next year.

$150 for a skin, incredible what kids waste money on.

otherZinc3972d ago

I'm buying 2 Legendary copies day 1! As I purchased 2 Helmets day 1, that day cost me $275. I'd better get my money ready!

Also, I'll buy a Halo:Reach edition 360 if they have one, I dont care if it doesn't have the game inside like the Halo 3 360 edition.

JonnyBadfinger3972d ago

As much as i love halo, i swear a statue is overkill... all i want is the game the manual and behind the scenes... and possibly extra DLC content if available.

Plus its just incredibly sad seeing people walking around with a crate above their heads screaming "ZOMG MOAR HALOZ!"... i saw it last time when i went to the Halo 3 launch night, i bet that kids parents are proud. *face-palm*

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gaminoz3973d ago

"Microsoft have been leading the way with Limited Editions, ever since they started making the 1st-Gen Consoles into LE’s prior to the cease of production."

I remember PS2 having limited edition colours like silver and even Pokemon N64s?

REALgamer3973d ago

I have noticed almost every major Microsoft-published game has had limited editions.

I think Halo 2 made limited edition versions of games popular, as ever since (and especially this generation) most major releases now have at least 1 type of limited edition, often 2.

BadCircuit3973d ago

Halo 2 wasn't really limited though...they had more of those than the actual normal game...

BloodyCHAMP3972d ago

halo 2 started the limited edition with the tin case and extra DVD and ever since that many other games tried to do the same

XboxOZ3603973d ago

Perhaps, but the 1st-Gen Xbox had over 15 different Limited Edition units. Not just blax boxes with nice cartons. Each had a special case, and something unique about them.

Some came in extremely limited numbers. The DOA Blue only had 2 runs of 2k each, so a total of just 4k were made. All of which sold before they even hit stores.

Now if they can continue this through with special Xbox360 like the Resident Evil 5 and the Modern Warfare 2 items, they could shift more units world wide.

They have hit the 40 million mark already, which such tactics, they could more even more?

The Lazy One3972d ago

if they can do that with a console that doesn't look like a$$ like the halo 3 one did then i completely agree.

Seriously, ugliest console I've ever seen.

DoctorQ3973d ago

:O *faint*

so WANT!
this just so made my day....

XboxOZ3603973d ago

Seemslike hey are only allowing ONE PER CUSTOMER at stores as well, so as to stop ebay madness. Well, it won't stop it poer-se, but it could stem the resale of these things when they become available.

I'm not the type to do that though. If I get something like this, which I will, it stays with me for the evry reason of getting it in the first place, To own and collect it.

I have every Limited edition of the Halo family which started in Halo 2. All are actually unopened, and I use secondhand copies to play the games.

To a collector, that makes the item 2 times more valuable in the long term.

We aren't worried about how much extra it is, it's because it is - collectable . .

REALgamer3973d ago

Instead of making a slim 360, why not just stick the 360 internals inside the Reach model? Would be the most unique console ever!

XboxOZ3603973d ago

Don't think you're the only who's thought of that mate heheheh.

Will be checking dimensions of the item, and I'm sure there will be a few thinking the same thing . . It could prove to be THE Xbox360 of all time, a collectable Halo Reach running a fully functional Xbox360 under the base . . hmmmm.

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