iPhoneAppReviews: Uni Sudoku Review

iPhoneAppReviews writes: "For the past few days, I've been rolling out lots of reviews for the action-y, thrilling and edge of your seat type iPhone games. So I figured that I would change pace for a while, and review an app that features a calm, relaxing and ubiquitous type of app store puzzle- Uni Sudoku by David Ross Software.

Completing Sukoku puzzles is easy- simply tap a box, then double tap a number to insert it or a single tap to just enter in a 'pencil mark' for numbers you aren't quite sure of yet. For those of you who are sporting a brand new iPad, you apparently have the ability to 'draw the number you want in an open square', which seems pretty awesome, but I can't personally attest to the functionality of this app on Apple's latest gizmo."

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