Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation Home items nearly the price of Final Fantasy XIII PS3 game

PlayStation 3 gamers in North America can now customize their PlayStation Home avatars and personal spaces with Final Fantasy XIII gear. The items were previously released in other regions, but this is the first time that PlayStation 3 gamers in North America can purchase the Final Fantasy XIII items in PlayStation Home.

There are many choices Square Enix is providing with the PlayStation Home items. If you tally up all the items, broken down here, it would cost $50.28 for all of them. Something to think about when you can currently get the full Final Fantasy XIII game for the PlayStation 3 for $52.99 on

See screenshots and prices of the individual items here.

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Demons Souls3103d ago

Much like how the suckered the fanboys into buying a mediocre Final Fantasy game which ended up being the worst in the series.

BeaArthur3102d ago chance I am paying for any of this stuff let alone all of it. $50+ for all the Home items, you've got to be kidding.

vhero3102d ago

I agree only sad people pay for this kinda stuff but its not just FF stuff thats a rip off you can get a red shirt for the same price as a real life red shirt. Why the he*l would you pay the same price for a virtual version??

WildArmed3102d ago

lol I'm pretty sure your not expected to buy EVERYTHING..
Most people buy a thing or two and move on..

Ofc, I could say:
The Cost of all the home items >>>> 100 games...
It'll be simple math =/

nycredude3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I wouldn't call people who like to spend their own money the way they like to sad. I buy some stuff here and there but I don't go crazy but I have friends who have hooked up apts. on home with so much stuff to do, i.e. arcade games light shows, music players, and such while my apt. looks like I am squatting or something. LOL

If you spend a lot of time on Home picking up chicks and just having fun with your friends and you like spending your money on this stuff then I don't see the problem with it. Obviously there are a lot of people buying cause I see them all over and Sony is making tons on this.

Edite: I just looked at the list of stuff and it huge. There is like over 20 pieces of dlc and the most expensive being the costume sets for $4.99. Most are of the .99 variety, hardly a ripoff. Another BS article confirmed. How is this different from any other DLC?

Besides this stuff is optional. It's not like you can't enjoy Home (free) if you don't buy this stuff.