RunDLC: After Burner Climax Review

Like the 80's arcade original that inspired it, Climax allows you to choose your jet of choice and take to the skies, wiping out hundreds of air and ground-based enemies with guns and missiles. You'll need to deal with various hazards throughout each stage, including incoming missiles, ground sensors, gunfire and, in some cases, ground obstacles, such as tunnels and mountains. Fortunately, you can change speed on your fighter at any time, slowing down to lock onto enemies or speeding up to avoid danger, such as a heat-seeking missile or an enemy jet pursuing you.

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UziSuicide3103d ago

It's not a 5/10 score, it's a 5/5... might want to fix as there's quite a big difference.

Geriatric Hero3100d ago

Yeah. I can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet.