OXM: Many details of Fable III

Peter Molyneux has spoken with OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) on the huge "collection of talent" about in Fable III and that you will face "anything you've seen before."

A lot of people know that Molyneux is not a quiet person, a couple of times some comments he made had been "inappropriate", but still, read these statements by the head of Lionhead, they merely want to see and learn more about Fable III.
"We have this amazing cast, incredible characters," reveals Molyneux. "We've only announced one of the characters referring to John Cleese, but there are other characters we're going to announce soon that I think are something you have never seen before on television, movies or games"

Beyond that, there is much information to tell:

The great idea of Peter Molyneux is that people are touching (the famous Touch had revealed earlier). Using RT stretch your hero's hand and allow you to interact with the world around you.

"This is a great feature"

According to OXM magazine, Molyneux is shown walking through the house of his hero, where his daughter is lost. He (the character) fears that her child has been kidnapped by the ruthless leaders of the factory, which trap the street children and use them against their will, putting them in direct danger of death. Children die daily at the hands of this evil industrial machinery, which Molyneux says that his team pulled directly from popular works of Dickens, British writer and incorporated it into the story...

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N4PS3G3735d ago

Loving the character design. Not a single Fable game that i haven't enjoyed .

Bnet3433735d ago

I really need to beat Fable II ... I haven't even scratched the surface of that game. Too many games! X_X

van-essa3735d ago

The whole game better not be about "toucing people"...