VideoGamer: PoP: The Forgotten Sands Hands-On

Some thought Ubisoft's beautiful Prince of Persia reboot, released in the tail end of 2008, was a disappointment. VideoGamer loved it. It combined truly gorgeous visuals with effortlessly simple gameplay. The removal of death rubbed a few people up the wrong way, but it allowed the game world to be created in a way that rewarded free exploration and a slightly carefree approach to platforming.

You didn't have to worry about being returned to an annoyingly far-back checkpoint, meaning you could concentrate on enjoying the stunning world Ubisoft had created. It even did away with much of the combat seen in previous titles. Sales are the be all and end all, though, so perhaps it's no surprise to find The Forgotten Sands looking and feeling a lot like the The Two Thrones and Warrior Within.

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