US PSN Store 4/22/10

US store gets 4 PSN games today, including Secret of Monkey Island and After Burner Climax. New Uncharted 2 dlc makes its way onto the store. Along with the arrival of Rockband Network Tracks.


Everything is listed now, except for the weekly sales.

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playstation_clan4115d ago

4 games! ps1 classics and minis, everything you need

darthv724115d ago

you could flip it like this: xbox live marketplace > playstation store
4 360 games on demand xbox classics and indie games, everything you need

see what I did there?

darthv724115d ago

I dl the 360 demo yesterday and will try the ps3 demo as well and then decide which I like better. All I know is I'm buying one of them for sure.

Sega needs to redo other arcade hits like thunder blade and (my personal fav) galaxy force. Radmobile and power drift would be nice too.

willie324115d ago

I completely agree with you. I just bought Afterburner and it is amazing. I wish Sega would update a lot of their old games, STREETS OF RAGE would be the icing on the cake.