New RDR Multiplayer trailer released: Competitive Modes

RockstarBase Writes: Like Rockstar promised they released a new RDR trailer today, giving you a quick tour of the different multiplayer modes such as: Gold Rush, Grab the Bag, Shootouts and more.

Check it out and get ready for RDR Multiplayer...

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GLoRyKnoT3101d ago

I'm SO Ready 4 Red Deady:)

Shaman3101d ago

Whoa...simply amazing...i thought this will be best looking open world game on consoles,now i change my mind,not only is it best looking damn open world game on consoles its also one of the best looking overall,top 5 fo sho.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I see where all the blood in UC2 went.

Can't wait...this game will be mine come the 18th!

ThanatosDMC3101d ago

I hope we can turn off that lock on.

Sunny_D3101d ago

That dead eye is so f*cking going to own!


Even PC gamers couldn't deny the awesomeness unfolding before us. This game looks excellent, but damn I wish it hit its earlier release date.

socomnick3101d ago

Toggle aiming = No chance of Red Dead redemption having any competitive community.

when will Rockstar put decent shooting mechanics in one of their games.

Gunplay just sucks so much in rockstar games.

himdeel3101d ago

...after U2 this should have my 3rd person shooter multiplayer needs well suited for a very very long time.

raztad3101d ago

Is it valid to watch the 720p version fullscreen? because it doesn't look impressive at all. I'm not gonna be fooled again (like BC2 small and super crisp videos did earlier).

Also, I somehow agree with socomnick. The lock on mode got to go. It ruins the whole GTA4 multiplayer experience.

HolyOrangeCows3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Aww, crap. Not another game with toggle-aim in the multiplayer. It ruins the whole point of competition. The game may as well play itself.

EDIT: And "Dead Eye", too. Noob multiplayer to the max.

Bathyj3100d ago

Oh well, thats what you get for trying to shoehorn a MP mode into a single player game. They could have left MP out all together for all I care, the main game looks awesome.

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divideby03101d ago

Of all the MP games this year, this game by FAR has my interest peaked..Just hope its as good as it looks...

divideby03100d ago

^ yea DAs... I am gonna buy reach also...but this game appears to be awesum and the DOF and draw distance is the best I have seen this year...

frankymv3101d ago

this game could be a goty candidate?

FragMnTagM3100d ago

Will it get it? Probably not. But in its genre, definitely.

Lirky3101d ago

I watched it on ign , seems fun reminds me of gta iv modes but this game is new and new features and new setting and better outdoor environments..

wait.. outdoors most gtas were outdoors too but this game is scenic.

redDevil873101d ago

So many good games coming out in may and this is definitely a day 1 purchase.

Can't wait to shoot up a bar :D

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The story is too old to be commented.