Microsoft: 40.2 Million Xbox 360 Units Sold

Microsoft has released their fiscal data for the year and in this report they revealed that the Xbox 360 has sold over 40 million units worldwide since the consoles launch in 2005. In 2005 they sold a reported 5 million units and things have taken-off since then.

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Hellsvacancy3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

"I, believe u"

Lionhead3154d ago

Oh man, can't wait til this hits top of the page.

Parapraxis3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )


Microsoft should be really proud of themselves.

3154d ago

I'm expecting butthurt feelings, but who will they be attached too?

Nicholas Cage3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

beware...trolls ahead. so let me sum it up for you, so you dont have to read all of their nonsense. yes the 360 is at 40 million good for them. theve done a good job. now for you fanboys...the ps3 is selling more than the xbox360 worldwide! but we cant have that! one system has to be on top right? one fanboy has to "own"the other right? pathetic.

EDIT: why the dissagres?

Rampant3154d ago

Good job Microsoft. The ps3 is gaining some ground, but they already had a hardware revision. Watch the sales blow up this christmas with Halo: Reach, Fable, Natal and then Gears of War 3 for April.

Microsoft is in really good shape!

WhittO3154d ago

I don't believe any numbers MS post, because every time they do the number seems to be different(for whatever reason).
Then contradicted by what the other companies are saying.

So really, who knows how much they have 'really' sold!?

King_of _the_Casuals3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

That is A LOT of 360's sold! But you can expect another sale from me in November when the 360 Slim & Natal launches. It will look very nice in my living room right next to my PS3 and Wii.

(My launch 360 will still stay in my bedroom)

siyrobbo3154d ago

40 million sold is good, but when you look closer at the figures provided

year ending-

06 to 07 - 6.6 million increase

07 to 08 - 8.7 million increase

08 to 09 - 11.1 million increase

09 to 10 - 8.8 million increase

they seem to be starting to move backwards

La Chance3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

stiffer competition thats all, remember the PS3 had a price cut and which led to millions of PS3 fat owners "upgrading" to the new slim model and definitely stole some potential 360 buyers.

Wii had a price cut too. Nothing MS should be too worried about.

3154d ago
Persistantthug3154d ago

I'm just asking for clearification,

presto7173154d ago

When did xbox reach 40 mil?


chrisnick3154d ago

Last november or december they said that they sold 39 million. So they sold 1 million in about 4-5 months?...that's why when they post numbers I gotta take it with a grain of salt. You lie now then tell me the truth later...its confusing.

ape0073154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

I love my xbox so much, I never knew that it gonna last all this time, I thought once the ps3 is released, xbox is done but I was wrong, totally wrong

and still, things look great for the good O'L box , halo reach looks insane, GeOW 3 will own, alan wake looks to blow the world away and everybody don't forget crackdown 2(1 was the $HIT), crackdown is in my main wants, having a blast right now with the awesome conviction

xbox live is the best service, tons of awesome xbla games, perfect dark xbla was a golden moment for me, overall the system is on FIRE, only backdraw however is its failure rates and scratch-able disks

that's it

the APE have a strong feeling that at this year's E3, ms will announce an xbox 360 slim, add natal to the equation and it is done

TROLL EATER3154d ago

halo reach will sel even more wiv that install base

3154d ago
darthv723154d ago

technically I didnt directly contribute to that number. I got both of mine second hand. I'd still like to think I did though.

Army_of_Darkness3154d ago

"I'm expecting butthurt feelings, but who will they be attached too?"

oh yeah... I'm very depressed now. Matter of fact, after writing this, I'm going to Jump off a bridge because MS( which I have no association with) sold soooo many console that I'm ridiculously butthurt, since I bought a PS3 instead of a 360.. I could of been part of that 40mil!!! Boo F#@Kin whooo... Naww.. I kidd ;)...

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Echo3073154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

You're getting disagrees because you're basically trolling. The headline of this article doesn't state, "MS gets to 40 million and therfore is the greatest console ever." This is just basic news, and about 90% of the gamers here know that both Nintendo and Sony have done this before as well, but that doesn't mean this isn't news worthy.

It's just gaming news, get over it... or stop coming to a site called "NEWS 4 Gamers"

EDIT @Tinyman: Oh yeah, and there were a fair amount of PS3 owners that traded up for a slim, myself included. For those of us who aren't stuck in last gen, it's a good upgrade if you're willing to shell out the money.

DarkTower8053154d ago

VGChartz has the 360 tracked at 39.44m and the PS3 at 34.09m. Seems right to me.

Btw, AGAIN it looks like the site everyone loves to bash was pretty much on the money :)

Blitzed3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

If you consider the year end numbers from launch; that would mean they have sold an average of 1.2 million consoles a month in 2010. I haven't been following NPD numbers etc., does that add up?

Edit: I should add that I'm going by Siyrpbbo's post of the year end numbers.

Philaroni3154d ago


They have been doing well, they managed to double the original Xbox install base which means they grew there fanbase by a factor of two.

That and MS started off very strong I expect them to go down a little then stay flat. Sony on the other hand started off very low and had no where to go but up. Though no mater how you look at it both MS and Sony are selling very well.

RememberThe3573154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Millions of people didn't upgrade to Slims. Just because there are some commenter on line that did doesn't mean million of people did it. Maybe thousands but defiantly not millions.

On topic: These are great numbers from MS/ It's good to see that all the manufacturers are doing well now.

Strikepackage Bravo3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

REACH is still yet to come, along with Alan Wake, Gears 3, Crack Down 2, and Natal. There is no way PS3 ever gets out of 3rd place this gen, PS3 has nothing left but GT5, they've played all their cards in an effort to get sales where they are, price drops, cutting features, multiple skus, slim ps3, GOW, MGS4, Sony has nothing left.

Cyrax_873154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

39 million consoles sold at January 6th, 2010. So basically it took Microsoft 3 months + just to sell a million consoles worldwide? One of these articles is a lie.

@ above, Bravo, stop being such a fanboy. Sony has nothing left?

The Last Guardian
ModNation Racers
Twisted Metal/whatever Jaffe is making

^all say hello.

Echo3073154d ago

Not to get too far off topic here, but I think it's way too early to say that Sony has nothing left. Both consoles have strong line-ups, but Sony's real strong point as of late has been firing up new IP's. I do agree that Sony will stay in 3rd place (especially in NA), but I'm sure they have an ace or two up their sleeve that will get them out of this gen without too many scars... and that's coming from a mostly 360 supporter.

siyrobbo3154d ago

i read that microsofts financial year starts in july, if thats the case then its too early to tally the 09 to 10 totals and thats the reason for the sharp decline

Triella3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Actually the 40.2 million figure is shipped consoles (or sold to retailers if you prefer) not sold to customers. The fact that they said 39 million back in January means that they overshipped 360's in the holiday season, retailers' stocks were already loaded and that's why they only shipped 1 million more in the past 3 months.

But the real 40 million mark (sold to customers) could be reached in about 5 or 6 weeks.

RememberThe3573154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

This is a quarterly report not a yearly report. This is for Q3 2010.

@Strike: Hahaha sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Cyrax_873154d ago

Ahh, thanks for clearing that up.

tinybigman3154d ago

i really dont care about sales since i get nothing from it; but i always find it funny when these numbers are released and everyone goes gaga over them. as for the B/C when Sony puts the games that i got on PSN like Ico (which i dont want to get rid of) i'll buy a slim until them the phat stays right where it's at.

just to let you know i own all three consoles i've been a multi console owner for a very long time. i dont play that own one system bullcrap. and i've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days.

i'm glad M$ has achieved the 40 million mark honestly i am, but i hope sometime in the near future they'll start to invest in 1st party studios and create some damn new IP that are creative and get more interested back into the system. something in the vain of ico, SotC, HR anything that doesnt always involve having a gun in hand.

Absolut_Turkey3154d ago

40.2 million Xbox 360 Units sold since launch. Over half either have or will FAIL thanks to the RROD. That's about 20 million dead Xbox units. Did I miss something? Would I buy something knowing that there was a good possibility it would fail? Oh wait...I didn't.

McDonald's has sold the most hamburgers, but we all know they're not the best. In fact, if any of you saw how they actually made their hamburger "meat" I doubt most of you would want to eat there any time soon.

Xbox sales numbers are indeed impressive, but that STILL doesn't overshadow the fact that the Xbox is STILL technologically inferior to the PS3.

DevastationEve3154d ago

Here comes year 5 of Microsoft proving they can do it, and that even Sony can take a couple pages from the history that Xbox paved this gen.

All you people are so hung up on figures and stats that you've trained yourselves to see only those aspects. But for the people who are doing it right it doesn't matter; I'm going through some of my old games and bringing back some 2006 and I must say it's been an awesome time for Xbox 360. The cosole is superb, the games are plenty, and the service is stellar.

For the money I've paid (and the cost of a yearly membership) I've never been stiffed or felt even for a moment that I should've gotten something else. That's all that matters to me.

HDgamer3154d ago

Of course it's on fire Ape007

darthv723154d ago

I am sure MC D's doesnt make their burgers any different than Burger King. In fact, they don't even make their own hamburger. It is made for them by a third party who services other FF chains throughout the world.

Why are you talking hamburgers? Think about this. If your math is correct then there should be waaaayyy more 360's sold because if they get replaced by RROD then they are from the factory not the store. Refurbs and replacements are not counted as sales. Sales are determined by the stores and how they report their numbers. If you wanted to add in stuff from the factory then you should add in ones sold second hand. 40 mill original 360 sold could ultimately translate into closer to 65 million "transactions" meaning a sale second hand or used at a game store.

For what MS is reporting is 40 mil from counter to customer. I bought mine 2nd hand but who is to say they werent bought then sold then bought then sold then bought then finally sold to me. That means that is (technically) 3 sales but only the first is really counted.

Oh and the inferior part of the 360 would simply be the disc format. Everything else can pretty much go toe to toe and seems to be doing fine so far.

Blitzed3154d ago

I didn't notice he left out the 5 million sold in 05. So it seems it's also fiscal year to date.

Blitzed3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Actually, it wouldn't technically be 3 sales. Unless I entirely missed your point, and if I did i apologtize in advance. The people selling you the xbox no longer have it, so it wouldn't be right for MS to record the sale toByou. The previous owners are no longer Xbox owners unless they replaced the one they sold, in which case that sale would hve been factor into the 40 million. The install base is the number of consoles in homes, not how many people owned it at one tome or another.

I sold my Xbox and never replaced it, that's still only one console sold for MS despite that console having two owners.

Edit: Sorry Darth, it seems what I wrote is exactly what you are trying to say (if I understood you correctly), however I think Turkey is claiming MS' numbers are shipped and therefore the number is inflated if they are including referbs they shipped; counting the same customer twice and a single xbox twice. If that were true, the actual install base would be significantly smaller than 40 million.

Edit 2: I re- read Turkey's post and it's seems he wasn't saying that at all, I just assumed he was after reading you're response. (you know what they say about when you assume) It seems he was just saying he was surprised so many consoles sold considering the failure rate. Maybe it was the hamburger reference but it seems I have no idea what anyone is talking about!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

If gonna Troll, do it Right...Defend your statements with factual evidence, and stop being a liar,

You just write things and then run away like a little girl.

No wonder why people don't support you.

Majinzo3154d ago

im already tired of the console war. I miss the good old days when all the gamers won. i just want [email protected]@ss GAMES!!! & I want them NOW!!!!!!!!

ruiner44823154d ago

No I didn't upgrade to a slim. I have a no B/C phat ps3. But why would I buy a new ps3 when my current one works just fine. Some people might, but I doubt the vast majority would.

Anon19743154d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I knew things looked bad for calendar year 2009 but Microsoft just confirmed that 360 sales dropped 12% over the entire fiscal year. Funny how they were boasting at the beginning of 2009 how they were the only console with year over year increases.

So 360 sales are still down and Microsoft confirmed in their financial that 360 software revenue was also still falling but the Entertainment division still made money due to selling Windows mobile windows.

Anyone else find it odd when the 360 was selling in record numbers in the six months after the price cut in 2008 that revenue for their Entertainment Division plunged 130% year over year but now that 360 software and hardware sales are down, profits are back up again?

Also, this caught my eye in the financial release. "...primarily reflecting decreased third-party development."

Decreased third-party development?

Edit below: 100% correct. Microsoft only sees units leaving the factory, they don't see in-store replacements as anything other than another sale, and consumers primarily deal with the store they bought the product at, not the manufacturers.

Edit below that: They can send the busted units back to Microsoft but Microsoft isn't tied into individual stores inventory so when a new 360 goes off the shelf for whatever reason that's a sale. And you don't really believe that Microsoft then deducts defective 360's off their sales tally at the end of the day, do you?

DaTruth3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Sorry, but you are wrong. Everyone given the choice, who bought a store warranty with their 360, would have taken a new 360 off the shelf that day in the store rather than send it to Redfield and receive someone else's refurbished unit back.

Store warranties are paid by the store's warranty insurance and count as a sale, because they take it right off their shelf and are forced to repurchase to replenish stock. This could happen any amount of times in the length of the warranty. Then they are rebated by their warranty insurance. The stores don't send them to M$ for repair.

Echo3073154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Do you have any proof of what you're claiming? When I returned a 360 to walmart just after launch because of RROD, the customer service guy told me they were boxing up all the ones they received and sending them back to Microsoft.

So no store has to return defective merch and the vendor just ships them new stuff? What's to stop stores from claiming defective merch that was really ok just to get free merch back from a vendor? That doesn't make any sense.

If I'm wrong, my apologies, but this sounds like a Sony troll trying to make more excuses for Microsoft's numbers.

EDIT: Nevermind DaTruth, after re-reading what you said, I realize that you are talking strictly about store warranties, and not defective merch in general.

Brklynty13154d ago

Congrats to 40 million sold, I mean if I ignored a major hardware issue that forced millions to rebuy another 360(don't even bring the warranty crap, its only for 1 fix, the ORIGINAL bought 360) I'd sell plenty too(yes let's all bring PS2's DRE into this, which is nowhere near RRoD) yay 40 million sold, now question is, what else ya got?

kunit22c3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

You guys can brag about these sales all you want, but Sony not only sent out their console a year later but it had a way bigger price tag, but yet some people still chose to get the PS3 and now that they are the same price check out the sales..


I myself honestly don't care too much about sales but when Microsoft fanboys start bragging about it I get disappointed because I don't think they deserve it, they released such a flawed system but people still bought it, and how it still continues to get sales today confuses me.. also I realize you guys have heard this argument over and over but I think you guys actually really need to realize Microsoft are just a bunch of cheapskates. and I don't care how many disagrees I get as long as you read it I don't care, cant argue facts, besides the cheapskate part, I guess that somewhat depends on personal preference.

Christopher3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

They're solid numbers, but those who are saying that sequels to existing games will be system sellers? Not at all likely. Halo: reach will be the third game of its type released on the console. If people aren't interested in it yet, they won't be in November. Same thing with Fable 3.

Now, Natal is all up in the air. It completely depends on 1) the price point that Microsoft can get it to; 2) The game options; 3) Success of the technology at E3 and later demonstrations. If Microsoft fails with Natal, it's likely that Sony will catch up within 2 years without much issue, especially with the Blu-ray market continuing to see large growth in the average household.

Regardless, it's ridiculous how much money they make off of their software sales that they could see a loss in sales and really not make much of a dent in their profits.

3153d ago
vhero3153d ago

To increase those numbers each year they had to drop the price every year so those people holding off for a nex gen console in their price range finally got one. If the PS3 ever got anywhere near the price of the 360 arcade it would destroy the 360 but of course Sony couldn't afford to do that and MS know this and use the arcade model to their advantage. The only people who lose out are the buyers of course who don't realise the arcade comes with no HDD as its not exactly advertised well to the common person what the differences are and what the point of the HDD is if you never had a nex gen console before. That's where MS hits you with the stupidly high HDD too.

MS are not stupid they play the customer the only problem with there tactic of course is you cannot trick the same customer twice with the same trick but of course with technology moving on MS will always have an ace up its sleeve. Sony killed some of MS numbers with its own price drop last year and it seems this year its killing even more..

2 years time the PS3 will have taken over 360 but of course MS will quote NPD numbers and call Sony a liar as of course only America exists when MS is losing the worldwide battle.

sid4gamerfreak3153d ago

lol come on console fanboys start the war.....

im just gonna get my popcorn...

jaysquared3153d ago

2 years from now this race will be over.. I expect the new consoles to come out by then but of course if the PS3 does take over the 360 sony fans will put that on M$ fanboys faces!

Hill_billy3153d ago

Good for them. Now, what matters to me is the one I have and knowing it has games on it... That is all that matters to me. Why folks get so hung up on MS console sales or any other company for that matter is beyond me.

3153d ago
Pekka3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

When broken console is replaced with new console under warranty, it can't be counted as sold or shipped console. Only actually bought consoles (by retailers or customers) can be counted as sold consoles. It would be illegal to count replacement consoles as sold in financial reports. So I doubt actual amount of working consoles is only 20-25 million.

Dee_913153d ago

Without rrod it wouldve been around 20mil lol

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lokiroo4203154d ago

More goodness :)

3154d ago
hamoor3154d ago

launching your console before the competitors is very smart move

lokiroo4203154d ago

Angel why are you getting mad bro?

Parapraxis3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

LOL, 40% of which were to replace broken units.
There are currently only about 25million WORKING 360's in existence.

Rampant3154d ago

Which would make the attach rate for software around 14. But we all know the 360 has better games, so no surprise here!

MR LOOKINGBILL3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

gtfo of here you ps3 troll.
go and take your panties off and put some underwear on and quit crying about 360 system and games. You ps3 panty boys should give up gaming and start selling some hi-end baby food.

please report all ps3fanboys that troll the 360 sections.

3154d ago
Rampant3154d ago

And yet every console owner bought 17 games for their console. That's sick!

Parapraxis3154d ago

only 17!? LOL

I have over 30 for my tripple =D

evilmonkey5013154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Maybe you could have said that in 2006, when it was actually true.
I think its common knowledge now that ps3 exclusives are the best of the breed. Don't get me wrong, the 360 does have some good games (eg:Alan Wake) but the offerings are better and more plentiful (exclusives) for the ps3 right now. Seeing as Microsoft sold off all but three of their first party studios and Sony currently has over TWENTY first party exclusive studios...I don't see this changing anytime soon.

What was this article about again? Console Sales? lol.

AuToFiRE3154d ago

only 30? i have almost double that!

TheXgamerLive3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Microsoft doesn't count replaced consoles as sales, (THUS THE WORDING "REPLACED"). Sales are just that sales, not replaced or repaired unit's.
I do realize since your being of little mind to make such an idiotic comment you don't have the mental faculties to understand what I've just said so forget it and cry away lil wannabe's, cry away.

RBdrift3154d ago

Do you seriously believe M$ about there sales and that they "supposedly" do not include replacements in there sales?
M$ has always found a way to spin there sales to make them look huge because of the swift increase in sales by the PS3.

RobertieNL3153d ago

If ure actually smart(and the 54.2% is true which it isnt) than it isnt 40 million / 2= 20 million, that would be 100% failure rate, frikkin' twelve year olds

avengers19783153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Out for Five years. Giving it an averaged of just of 8 million a year, 4 those of you enjoying this, and droid bashing...PS3 out for 3 years average around 11 million a year sold.
Pretty good for both systems.
@ bots below... so what do you say about your declaine in sales steadily for the past 2 years? Or the fact that besides North America the 360 is getting owned buy both PSP and PS3, and in some places even PS2, oh that's right only NA sales matter; I forgot.

TheXgamerLive3153d ago

it's been a little over four (4) for MS and a little over three (3) for sony, so that's more like 10 million a year for MS and right at 10 million a yr. for sony.

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pixelsword3154d ago

And why not? If they got the numbers, they deserve the credit. Give credit where credit is due.

8thnightvolley3154d ago

ms has a bucket load of shyt to show this year and their sales are already all high Reach coming.. Gears3 coming, Natal coming and its coming with over 14 games which i heard might be announced at E3, fable3, so many games increase of the xboxlive friends caps.. i wont lie the console has really outlasted its date and not just that its very strong .... looking forward to may 3rd. :)