Apple's next iPhone: what we know (and what we don't)

Paul Miller of Engadget writes:

"The iPhone 4G? iPhone 4? iPhone HD? Simply "iPhone"? There's plenty we still don't know about Apple's upcoming handset, like the name for instance, but thanks to an unprecedented leak and a whole bunch of peripheral rumors, we've got just about the most info you could hope for going into a major Apple launch. Follow along after the break as we parse through what we know, what we've heard, and what we hope for in the next iPhone."

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anonymouse1113354073d ago

Not really anything new but a nice round-up.

The iPhone 4G intruiges me personally though I doubt I'll get one because I dislike apple as a company (I do M$ as well but microsoft is the lesser of two evils in my book)(if you want to know why ask)

As someone who likes designs and all things pretty I love the design of it, and plan to do a mock-up advertisment of it soon if I get the time, already have the inspiration.

Overall smartphones are getting better and better and beginning to give me a actual reason to buy one since I rarely talk to people on the phone, so even though I don't like apple I'll give them props for making the competition step it up.

Close_Second4073d ago

...than MS and I dare say they would behave just the same if they were in the same position as MS.

I love the design of apple h/w but I hate the DRM and file management on the IPod which is why I will never buy another one. I also hate the price. Apple h/w is a great example of paying for the brand.

darkmurder4073d ago

I gotta disagree, Apple is what Microsoft was in the 90's, locking the market down and forcing everyone to use their crappy tools (Itunes can be seen similar to IE or at least the way I see it). MS has learnt their lesson and whilst they still do it a bit (see their phone) they are as the OP said the lesser of two evils. I fail to see how customers can openly just pay outright for the next new iphone which only adds a few functions and just upgrades the specs (this seems to be the apple way raping customers for incremental upgrades) but hey as long as they look 'cool' thats all that matters, right?

Erocal4073d ago

Isn't adding "a few functions and just upgrades the specs" what we always do when we upgrade our computers? I mean, its a mobile phone, realistically there is not much more you can put in it without making it too big or eating too much battery. Also they have to put something out, the competition is getting a lot stiffer and they are upgrading the phone close to what is technologically available.

"I fail to see how customers can openly just pay outright for the next new iphone"

Well the phone is probably not going to be that expensive if your renewing your contract or starting a new contract. And also people have a choice too. And if they want to spend their money on it who are we to judge's their money!

washingmachine4073d ago

is thick the new slim in iphones lol

Erocal4073d ago

So funny dude.....buuut....

"The device is 3 grams (0.1 ounces) heavier than the iPhone 3GS, but is also thinner, Gizmodo said."

Fact check before you make comments.

Akagi4073d ago

Please go away, Apple. Seriously.

hoops4073d ago

Well the iPhone better be great because the new Dell Winmo7 and Androind phones look amazing:

The new Wino7 phones have full Office support. Very nice.
The new iPhone has its work cut out for it. The new Dell Phones look sick

JJFNIGHTS804073d ago

All we need to know that picture is fake. SCREW APPLE. JUST GLAD I DIDN'T get the crappy iPhone for AT&T. I'm waiting for a more powerful ANDROID phone for AT&T.