Sony Talks 3D Firmware, PlayStation Move

At the 3D Gaming Summit in Los Angeles, Sony Platform Research Manager David Coombes talked about the PS3's upcoming firmware update, how it will affect the console's performance, and what's new with the PlayStation Move.

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Dellis3731d ago

How about Cross Game Chat, Trophies auto synch, ect...?

darthv723731d ago

the avatar movie that got released today is not the one to get. Sometime in november there is supposed to be a special edition with extra footage and 3D support so that may be when sony will do their 3D firmware. Coincide with a major 3D motion picture makes good sense.

On a side note, wasn't MS at this same summit? I read they got something special with 3D in store for E3. This years E3 will be huge with 3D and motion and all manner of kick a55 games to be announced and shown. June can't come soon enough.

WhittO3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

That either Sony is going to release a big FW update at E3 with a huge list of stuff people want (auto-trophy sync, Cross-game chat etc)


They will announce the PSN Premium service, in which all of these features will be included for like £20 per year.

Really hope they don't make us pay for these features (even though Live does, I still think restricting a system function for money is wrong, its not the same as restricting content for example.)

EDIT: Also, if the PSN Premium turns out to be say a game subscription service where depending on the amount you pay you can download like 3 PSN games per month etc, Or Beta access, I'd probably pay for that.

kneon3731d ago


I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories but I think the Avatar release is a bit of a scam. Usually movies don't come out on disk this soon after the theatrical release. I think they rushed it so they could sell a bunch of disks and then 6 months later get a lot of people to re-purchase the movie again in 3D.

Hideo_Kojima3731d ago

The head tracking can be optimized with games and give this type of results...

Now if you mix that with stereoscopic viewing...

You get an extremely amazing effect.

It would work just like real life not only would the image move around as you would but both eyes would get a slight different image from the stereoscopic technology.

I get excited just thinking about how awesome it would be if it is placed in games.

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The real killer3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

360 use HDMI 1.2 and the lack of DVD drive i think that could a problem. Mebay also the some of the hardware.
But we know Microsoft, they always find a way they can fool people with their trics like 1080p question

darthv723731d ago

with a 3d tv, shutter glasses and the right software it prob could be done.

Dylantalon13731d ago

the ps3 is an amazing console. it upscales dvds to high def, it uses hdmi 1.3, it has lag free exclusive games online, it has the highest rate exclusives, the best looking exclusives for a console, it plays blu ray, it supports 50gb blu ray games so no multi disc games, free video chat that supports 6 people at once, psn home the best 3d social network, psn is free, plays stereoscopic 3d games and movies , supports 7.1 digital hd audio and a lot more. the ps3 is literally the best console in terms of technology, reliability , highest rated exclusives and all sorts.

CellularDivision3731d ago

Still no x-game chat...
Still no music while gaming...
Still no Getaway 3...


Redempteur3731d ago

i can music while gaming ..

i play killzone 2 online with my custom music

i play street fighter 4 with my custom music

plenty of game have custom music , why don't you try instead of complaining ?

Neurotoxin3728d ago

If i wanted all that i`d simply buy a 360.

As it stands i`m not interested in any of those features.

djreplay3731d ago

I want to see the getaway 3

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