Rumor Killers: Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3, Dreamcast Games for XBLA, LittleBigPlanet 2

"Splinter Cell: Conviction has only just arrived for the Xbox 360 supposedly as a console exclusive yet already rumors are abound that Sam Fisher's latest adventure is coming to the PS3 in the near future."

"It's a rumor that's been floating around for much of this year, but finally it's looking extremely likely that Dreamcast games will soon be coming to the XBLA, most notably Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi"

"Much like the chances of Sonic Adventure coming to the Xbox 360, it seems pretty likely that LittleBigPlanet 2 will be winging its way to our PS3s at some point this year."


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cain1413103d ago

I'd enjoy seeing crazy taxi on XBLA

sinncross3103d ago

Where did the dreamcast titles on XBLA rumour come from?

I know that a leaked memo showed that SEGA were going to be brining Dreamcast titles to the PSN.

Haly3103d ago

Digiex as the article explains ;)

Dee_913103d ago

damn i lloved crazy taxi lol

Cerebellum3103d ago

They would be idiots not to put SHENMUE!!! on live!!!

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midi3103d ago

I am slightly nervous about the fact that MM said LBP would be the only game they would make this generation, supported my huge amounts of DLC. I hope the Sony acquisition of the studio hasn't pushed them into a sequel.

thehitman3103d ago

where people got that info from because they stated already they were making a LBP2 a lot of false rumors I think were spread about no LBP2.

Fishy Fingers3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

That would be all fair and good if they supported it with decent DLC, but apart from a few map packs and features, everything else has been rather lackluster, costumes and stickers packs. I'm not paying for those, they dont better the experience.

Perhaps they've come up with an idea that they couldnt just do via DLC, something "revolutionary" for the franchise, who knows, but they must have been working on something all this time, because like I said above, the DLC has hardly been enough to keep the whole team busy. Small as they are.

SeanRL3103d ago

If they do make a sequel it would be a good thing. They left out so many things in lbp that would have made the game great. I agree that they should continue to support lbp with dlc but a sequel is needed at some point.

Kakihara3103d ago

I don't know if they said they'd make 2 or not but I have to say it does worry me. I still regularly play Littlebigplanet and I don't look forward to a sequel being released and pretty much destroying it. Of course there will still be people who use it and create for it but you know the community is going to take a huge hit once the sequel is released because who wants to play the original if there's an improved version??

The only way I look forward to it is if they're doing something totally different with it. A different style of gaming or something. They perfected the 2d platform do it yourself game. Maybe they should try something else.

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Haly3103d ago

I'd love to see Jet Set Radio on the 360.

PRHB HYBRiiD3103d ago

glad to see ps3 owners have a chance to play conviction awesome game....but too easy ...dreamcast games on xbla house of the dead would be cool with natal!!

Fishy Fingers3103d ago

Power Stone 1/2, Shenmue(s), Bass fishing (add move/natal support easily) with a HD make over would be great.

I could go on, I loved the Dreamcast.

himdeel3103d ago

...would make me smile and Phantasm Star Online 2.0 would make me cry a little.

catguykyou3102d ago

without a monthly fee, yes. Otherwise, no.

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