Gamer Limit Review: Splinter Cell: Conviction

GL writes: "At 23-years-old, and having played video games almost every day for the better part of 18 years, I rarely come across a title that has such a profound impact upon me as Splinter Cell: Conviction. Have you ever played a game where, even when you are at school or work or college, you continue to play out scenarios in your mind's eye, or fondly replay an unforgettable moment over and over in your head?"

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AliTheBrit193104d ago

The Last Man Standing cheevement is frickin hard..

Inside_out3103d ago

I understand what this guy is talking's like, I need to go play splinter cell...the P.E.C challenges are great fun...IMO, the AI is alot of fun with many LOL moments...when I shot out some lights on one level, they all freaked out and started taunting me with stuff like..." everybody stay alert, Fisher is trying to be clever/creative" or "Your gonna pay for what happened at the Washington monument " which was the previous level...or " I'm not going out there, why don't you come in here "...when I was getting the 10 kills without reloading my pistol P.E.C challenge, I was attempting to get one guy with a head shot and kept missing, the AI shouted " whats wrong Fisher, you shoot like a girl"...

At around the mid-way point the enemies start to get harder and you actually go up against other splinter cells...that was crazy...they have the same gear as you....many memorable moments...

Game took me 8+ hrs on realistic...IMO...some of the best game play this gen....

BubbleSniper3104d ago


bots abandon SCC so fast when graphics found to be not so delectable

flop in

BloodyCHAMP3103d ago

get a life and grow some balls

johnyv19813103d ago

God of War III is way better, and i own both consoles, i had a hard time enjoying this game compared to God of War III. from a technical standpoint and even gameplay, and that is saying alot since the GOW III mechanics are essentially the same as the previous games, in fact it's still using the same gameplay engine.

WhatARump3103d ago

Why would you even mention God of War 3 over here??

This article's about SPLINTER CELL.

thedoctor3103d ago

What the hell? These are two COMPLETELY different games.

What you're basically doing is comparing a game like Katarmari Forever to Gears of War.


corneliuscrust3103d ago

why don't you find a GOW3 article to post that in?

Sam Fisher3103d ago

LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMFAO i cant stop laughing, why did you bring katarmari. omg, every one knows katarmari forever beats any game..... your such a tool. lmao kidding