Game Informer: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Monster Hunter Tri should be a terrible game for a variety of reasons. Most of your time is spent in awkward combat plagued by spotty collision and no way to lock onto your enemies. Managing your massive inventory of weapons, potions, food, bugs, and more is crucial to success, yet the item management system is cumbersome and poorly explained. Load times abound throughout the confusingly laid-out hunting grounds. Despite all of these significant setbacks, Monster Hunter Tri offers numerous moments that lend insight into why it's such a sensation overseas.

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kesvalk3733d ago

sorry if MH is not a God of War type game.

you need something we call Skill...

AWBrawler3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

gameinformer hates it cause its not dumbed down like the majority of the games they seem to like. just because they have to prepare for battle before they get there its a problem? really? that shows how hardcore they are, and as for the wiimote and nunchuck, sure everyone won't adaptto it as well as i did, but i don't see whats so bad about the controls..

seriously, GI needs to retire. There's a reason I say no everytime they offer me a subscription at gamestop

hatchimatchi3732d ago

Why don't you go and read the review.

The guy isn't bashing it for being hard.

"Being bested by the same monster time and time again can be immensely frustrating, especially after you’ve spent the better chunk of an hour taking him on. However, it’s genuinely rewarding when you finally prepare for the bout perfectly, striking down the beast with a deadly combination of tactics, weapons, and gear."


"If you can look past the archaic game mechanics and have the patience to trudge through the early missions, Monster Hunter Tri offers a lengthy and rewarding experience like nothing else on the Wii."

Let me ask you this,

The guy claims the game has archaic designs, namely a lack of a lock on. You guys claim he wants the game "dumbed" down

Zelda and Metroid Prime feature lock on, are those games dumbed down?

I think you guys are butt hurt because it got a 7/10.

AWBrawler3730d ago

and yes that does dumb it down. Monster Hunter is not about dumbing it down though.
Stop assuming just because we have opposing opinions. It doesn't take a genius to see Game Informer has a bias. Subtract them from every metacritic score and you'll see the difference. Name me one Wii game not made by Nintendo or overly Gorey that game informer likes.........

Mahr3730d ago

"Zelda and Metroid Prime feature lock on, are those games dumbed down?"

Zelda's combat is the textbook definition of dumbed down. That's why the 3D games are so heavily designed around puzzle, exploration, and platforming elements. And also why most people have been (rightly) complaining about how mind-numbingly easy those games have been lately.

Anyone who's played any of the games for any lengthy amount of time and wants lock-on in Monster Hunter is a nutjob. It's like asking for full controllable movement in Mike Tyson's Punchout. Why can't I circle strafe around King Hippo and punch him in the back of the head? Why can't I jump over Bald Bull's charge? Why can't I use kicks or ranged attacks against Great Tiger?

Because then you're playing a different game altogether.

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Myst3732d ago

I agree with this score the monsters are to hard they made it so that they attack back D: Who would do such a thing!?


I read the review and honestly I'm kind of okay with the score, doesn't matter a whole lot to me in the first place. Got the game and on the Lagicurious great game, one that every Wii owner [who is heavily into gaming] should get. I'd highly also recommend the Classic Controller or the pro version.