Aeropause: Just Cause 2 (PC) Review

Aeropause writes: "Just Cause 2 was a rollercoaster of a ride on my opinion meter as I have spent many hours with it. First were the pre-launch videos that showed off a bevy of cool stunts that left me with my mouth wide open. Then began my disappointment when I first played and continued to run out of ammo and dying before I could pull off anything remotely cool. My final stage of Just Cause 2 was one of wonder, as I slowly started to understand what the game was asking of me, and how I had to play it. Just Cause 2 is the epitome of open world titles. It is a sandbox that you are dropped into to play and create your own fun and story be damned. If you can walk into Just Cause 2 with that frame of mind, you will find a load of fun. If not, Just Cause is not for you."

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