The Luxuries And Problems With Six-Screen Gaming

Stephen Tolito from Kotaku writes: Six monitors, bolted together, might make your gaming better. It will certainly make it take up more room and, as Kotaku learned yesterday, it introduces a couple of new complications.

Complication 1: It's expensive.

Yesterday, in New York, I got to see graphics-card-maker AMD's six-monitor gaming set-up in action. They call it the Eyefinity 6, an arrangement that is powered by a $480 graphics card called the ATI Radeon 5870 (Eyefinity 6 Edition.) Various monitors can be wired together for an Eyefinity 6 set-up, but the unpriced all-in-one version was what I got to check out. It uses 19"x10" Samsung monitors (which sell separately for about $400 or $500).

Video counter-argument: Here is HAWX running on the Eyefinity 6, shot by me with my iPhone 3Gs.

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