Super Mario Galaxy 2 Shooting Past Original writes, "When Nintendo first announced the sequel to the hugely successful Super Mario Galaxy, cleverly-titled Super Mario Galaxy 2, at E3 2009, many gamers were surprised as up until now, each new console Mario title had been on the system that followed the previous title. With news that the game would play very similarly to the original, most wondered if this was a sign that the company's successful console was beginning to fall on hard times and needed to be propped up by its biggest titles. From what has currently been revealed about the game, this couldn't be farther from the truth."

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Kyll3198d ago

I'm still pretty skeptic.

Killjoy30003198d ago

I seriously couldn't care less if SMG2 had exactly the same mechanics as the first game except with different levels. If it is anywhere close to what the first game was about, it should be a solid AAA experience that won't disapoint. Miyamoto NEVER disapoints on real 3-D Super Mario games (Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy.)

eagle213198d ago

Miyamoto doesn't play around with the true flagship Mario titles. This game will be all kinds of Super Duper Mario Awesome. :)

Tarasque3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Man i can not wait to play this, my N64 need's a good dusting off. Hopefully i still have all the controllers and cords.

BloodyNapkin3198d ago

Well i have to disagree. I thought Sunshine was well....Lets say i didn't enjoy it, actually i couldn't force myself to finish the game. For the most part he does deliver on Mario games though.

eagle213198d ago

I absolutely loved Sunshine 10/10. Finish the game and see why. lol :)

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mephman3198d ago

I was a bit sceptical when they first announced this, but it looks like they've made some solid improvements over the last game.

Kyll3198d ago

I'll wait for the video reviews >D

jammers3198d ago

I'm really curious about this game, but is there really enough here to justify a sequel?

Killjoy30003198d ago

Well, I think if you take into consideration the fact that Mario as an IP has been running in the industry for more than 20 years, then yes of course there is justification for a sequel. The Mario universe is seriously one of the most versatile I've ever seen. It can be taken anywhere. That's the beauty of ficticious, developer crafted universes. You can take them almost anywhere.

I mean, if Kojima really wanted to, he could make it so that Otacon has tracked the location of something that can possibly reverse Old Snake's aging process if he wanted to. Or maybe even move him to another body.

With these types of franchises, anything is possible.

pcz3198d ago

Is it just me, or is that really hard to get your head around? It could have been worded better.

I think people are getting a bit too excited about this. Oh, another mario galaxy, wow. i think it will be a chore.