Frank West Makes Appearance in Left 4 Dead 2...Kind Of

Original-Gamer: "In Left 4 Dead 2's newest DLC "The Passing" the team over at Valve decided to give a shout out to fellow "dead-ite" developer, Capcom, with a message scrawled over a bathroom wall."

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harlem_v13100d ago

Funny move by Valve. Would be even funnier if Capcom sued.

Ugly Bob3100d ago

Capcom suing would make as much sense as that guy who tried to sue Dead Rising for its similarities to the other mall adventure!

Pandamobile3100d ago

Yes, because every easter egg should result in a lawsuit...

HolyOrangeCows3100d ago

I like the reference to the old lady, too.

GamingBuddha093100d ago

thats a nice touch, i know that they did the same with portal but i dont remember what test chamber it was that it was in

Babaganoosh273100d ago

anyone know when this is released today on pc like what time its ridiculous i just want to play it

jdktech20103100d ago

out now but servers are getting hammered.....would honestly just wait until later tonight or tomorrow

3100d ago
danielle0073100d ago

I saw this when I played today and burst out laughing. So perfect, a note to Otis from Frank West. Sad to know he ran out of film, though.

harlem_v13100d ago

Would have loved an addition that would have said

"P.S. Otis if you call me back pissed that I hung up on you while I was killing a horde of zombie one more time, I will end you."

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