SCEA Announces New Version of Media Go

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced a new version of Media Go, the free PC application that enables PlayStation Network users to download content from PlayStation Store to their PC, then to their PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. Media Go provides an easy-to-use solution for PSP owners to download and organize games, videos, and more, and with the updated version (1.40) that's available today, several enhancements will be added.

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SuperStrokey11233099d ago

Thats a good idea, they should do this with teh ps3 as well.

darthv723099d ago

i used it for my sony ericson walkman slider phone. Sweet app that is much better than their previous one. I have several movies and songs i was able to interchange between phone and psp and pc.

I still use it for my psp/go now that i dont use the ericson phone anymore (got samsung impression).

duplissi3099d ago

not only that, but it will sync to nearly any mp3 player or phone (works flawlessly with my hero.) not sure about ipods/iphones though.
i ditched itunes for media go, and im loving it. just wish they would integrate amazon mp3, but sony is probably waiting until they roll out their music section of the ps store.

Theonik3098d ago

I use this for my Aino. Good stuff.

Chris3993099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

but perhaps they'll actually release some UMD legacy titles today to coincide with the update.

288 games currently on the NA store out of a library of about 1500. That's a real pisser for Go owners like me.

Edit: @ below. The sad thing, is that the Go itself, as a piece of tech is phenomenal. The screen is better (no interlacing, but the same wide colour spectrum as a 3000), it has bluetooth, it's VERY portable and convenient, and it has a built in mic and video-out like the 3000.


Sony hasn't given the frickn' thing an ounce of support. It's unbelievable. At times, I feel like I've bought a Virtual-Boy :)

Hopefully, the Go's fortunes will turn around at E3 and Sony will announce SOMETHING. A price drop and better support, at least. I mean they have to, considering that they've said there are no plans for a PSP2.

Unless of course that is a lie, but if Sony actually manages to keep a PSP2 secret till E3, I will be mightily surprised. They don't have the best track record with secrecy :P

Oh, and yeah, the one good thing is that legacy titles are relatively cheap in digital form (same for most newer titles too, about $5-10 bucks less).

Christopher3099d ago

Oh, geeze, I'm so glad I own a PSP 2000. I'll hope the best for you guys. Even further, I'll hope they don't make you pay full price for games that now cost $10-15 on UMD.

darthv723099d ago

I still have hope there will be some type of UMD validation system. I own both a 1001 and the Go and I like the Go very much. It may be small but surprisingly it fits nicely in my large hands. I did purchase my first UMB based digital game for it. Killzone liberation for only $10. It was on spring sale in psn and i figured it was about the same cost as used.

I have several umds i would like to get digitized but until sony can figure out how to do make that work i will just play them on my psp fatty. I do like that i can download the same games to both psp's. I have not tried to see if they will both play together but it is certainly worth a shot.

PietroDimeglio3099d ago

comeon sony, there are so many psp users with macs!!!! we want the damn software aswell!!!!

Christopher3099d ago

Sad truth is that Sony doesn't make Macs, they make PCs. Unless there's a sudden boom in the PSP market that makes it a true competitor to Nintendo's handheld devices, you're likely to just see this stuff stay in the family (PS3 <-> PSP <-> PC <-> TV)

3098d ago
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