Opinion: What is it with lame boss battles recently? [Spoilers]

Nathan Irvine from GamesRadar writes: Last night I finished Just Cause 2. My lasting memories of the game will be its incredibly beautiful world, the massive array of brilliant vehicles to drive/pilot and the amount of stuff you can mindlessly blow the sh*t out of. But there'll be a sadness there too. Despite these thrills the boss battles kicked me hard in the balls due to their unbelievably mundane, by-the-numbers exploits. So what is it with game's frequently missing the target with boss fights recently?

Warning: Article contains spoilers and venom spat at your favourite games

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Cajun Chicken3154d ago

Hmm, interesting. It is a bit true but mainly because genres that never really had bosses have bosses now. Maybe that's the problem, they're not quite sure how to implement them with the game mechanics, because most the time a boss is about timing and patterns. As it says, sometimes it's great when the big villian dies with a wimper.

I for one think a great boss in the past year was Infamous. Good boss, not too challenging but not too easy, had enough patterns to get used to and generally relied on your skill.

ia_studio3154d ago

God of war 3 some of the best bosses ever!!!

Dellis3154d ago

Uncharted 1 AND 2 final boss is horrible LOL

Redlogic3154d ago

some these games (uncharted, just cause etc) are such excellent games that they set the bar so high its almost impossible to make the boss battle match up to the 10-12 hours of excellent gaming you had through out the game. I'm not trying to make a free pass for these developers, but i just think it may be hard to come up with the "ultimate" boss battles.

raztad3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

"Even Kratos vs. Zeus inside ... in GoWIII was a monotonous affair."

I know what the guy means, that battle was boring in the concert of EPIC GoW3 boss fights. My guess, it's that final battle was just rushed to meet deadlines. We already know some content was totally left out the game.

UC2 is NOT a game to talk about Boss Battles. They are pretty so-so for the most part.

EDIt: Now I remember, the FULL battle against Zeus was supposed to have a section with a titan taking part on it, and not just as a host. That part was cut off, sadly. It adds to my hypothesis that " ... inside ..." battle was rushed.

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