More Free MAG DLC Coming April 29th

TheSixthAxis writes:

"Those magnanimous folks over at Zipper Interactive just keep on giving.

Bucking the usual trend of charging you for even thinking of booting up an online game, more MAG free wares are on the way.

Announcing the upcoming Fast Attack Pack on the official MAG blog, Jeremy Dunham describes the new gear as something snipers will definitely be interested in."

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-Alpha3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I'm sure this is an attempt to get more people to play MAG. MAG numbers have went down since BC2 if I'm not mistaken.

I think at this point people just want new maps and modes. It's actually considerably hard doing that though. I can't imagine it being free, but I can't imagine having gamers have to pay for it either. Assuming only half or 75% buy it and seeing as Domination requires 256 players it could really split the community. Games could be considerably hard to find if that happens.

I like MAG, though unfortunately I'm more drawn these days to BC2, and other games so I lack time. Yesterday I got my UC2 platinum trophy. Maybe I'll spend the Summer doing that with MAG...

WildArmed3732d ago

Not really. Honestly (atleast to me) it seems the BC2 has lost quite alot of people now.
I always end up in matches w/ 4 people on each side.. which just sucks..

MAG is still very active. i've never had a problem to find matches and people to play with.

Either way, if they wanna get the people back who quit, they need new maps. Because imo new weapons just don't cut it. Or even tweak some maps due to balancing issues.

But.. i'm too bloody into WKC atm. I havn't touch BC2 and MAG for about a week or two now.
But i love all of em. Just wish I could get more people in Rush modes when i join.

DJexs3729d ago

Mag has dwindling numbers and I am almost always in a full bc2 game. I want to sell MAG to gamestop but I wont get crap for it. all these updates to mag are crap every update they give us they claim to nerf the godly MG but all they do is make the other guns worse. Then they give us free dlcs of skins that where already in the game. We had tons and tons of more skins in the beta then we have now its just stupid what zipper has done with this game. I'm getting rid of MAG and MW2 as soon as zipper releases SOCOM 4 aslong they do not keep all the crap features that slant 6 implemented.

Trroy3732d ago

Honestly, the online numbers of MAG have barely changed since before BF:BC2 released. It didn't seem to impact the MAG community much at all, which is a little strange.

ThatCanadianGuy3732d ago

Not very strange.MAG offers what very few, if any other FPS' offer.Incredibly large scale combat structured around real military hiarchy and the option to pledge an allegiance to the faction of your choosing.

Some will hate the game but, those who love it, will likely never leave it.

JL3732d ago

I've left it for the time being (just cause I'm not much into playing online shooters excessively and need breaks often from them), but I have every intention to go back (just have too many other games in queue right now. I will definitely get back into the fray at some point though. In fact, this pack might make me at least pop in for a few rounds (have a sniper character myself)

WildArmed3732d ago

exactly how MAG is for me.
I'm definitely not a hardcore MP FPS player.
But i do go back on and off.

Right now my mian dish is White knight chornicles.. think im about to hit 400 hours now? Not sure

JL3732d ago

Yea same with me. I'll just be on and off with a MP Shooter game. That's how I've been since back in the SOCOM days. That online part is just a lil something I keep on the side to tide me over when I don't have other things to play really. GOW and Heavy Rain though knocked me off of playing MAG. Now I've got Pure and AC2 to play (got real cheap from that GameStop Gameday sale), so MAG is left on the back-burner still. And with ModNation, RDR, Alpha Protocol and 3d Dot just on the horizon, doesn't look like I'll be having one of those droughts anytime soon either. So probably won't really get back to MAG til this summer (then again might squeeze in a session when this pack comes out). But I'll definitely be back. And that's a sign of a good online shooter to me. Not many of them can keep my attention long at all, but when there's one that I find I like, I'll come back to it periodically for a while to come.

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