Top 5 Beat-'em-ups That Should be Released on PSN/XBLA:Thoughts From The Dojo#13

Gary of wrote

"Back in the heyday of the Arcades, fighting games soaked up a lot of attention but there was another genre that dominated, the beat 'em up, games like Final Fight and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were instant classics and paved the way for many titles. With Digital Distribution resurrecting so many of such classic titles, I've compiled a list of titles that should have made their way to the Playstation Network and/or Xbox Live arcade"

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Cajun Chicken3104d ago

This should have The Ninja Warriors which was on SNES. Man, that game is awesome.

BlackIceJoe3104d ago

This is a great list. I have wanted for a long time the Simpsons on PSN or XBLA. I think Strider would be great & it would be great if Capcom made a new one too.

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage was another great I enjoyed years ago. I still have the game on the Genesis. So it would be cool to be able to play it on the new consoles. Battletoads/Double Dragon would be fun & X-Men.

I hope to see many more games like these on PSN,XBLA & Wiiware.

GaryofGamingVice3104d ago

I definitely didn't forget about Ninja Warriors, but I just couldn't put them over these five. Thanks for the comments guys.