Sony: '40 million PSN Accounts and 829 million items downloaded'

PS3Hype writes: 'Today Sony announced that the PSN now has 40 million users around the world. All those PSN users has downloaded 829 million items from the PlayStation Store together.'

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Socomer 19793104d ago

Thats Good News Folks.
They did it in record time!

Hooooo YaaaaaaH !

darthv723104d ago

i am curious what the breakdown is. US, EU and JP. I only have one myself but know a few who have all 3. Maybe they can share with us where the most PSN ID access is done. PSP, PS3 or PC.

randomwiz3104d ago

I have a US account only. I don't see the benefit of having multiple accounts. I probably have around 8-11 DLC downloads and maybe 15-20 demos and psn games downloaded over my whole psn life.

darthv723104d ago

there have been a few psn down times. Just FYI but the rest seems logical. Just a matter of personal choice I guess. Funny thing about ads...they can lead to some cool free stuff if people are willing to click on them.