E3 2010: 360 Vs PS3

NowGamer: When it comes to E3, the weeks following its closure will, invariably, be filled with arguments over which console came away with the win. What quantifies a win is anyone's guess and those championing their chosen console usually ignore either logic/reason/or the basic rules of society, to claim it for their own. In an effort to squash any arguments, long before they start, enjoy our pre-emptive E3 2010 head-to-head...

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frankymv3103d ago

Crackdown better than Infamous? no not even close (check metacritic)

Killzone having weak gameplay? no

The list goes on and on

BeaArthur3103d ago

You do of course realize that metacritic isn't the end all be all, video game review mecca right? I mean I would agree that Infamous was a better game but that doesn't mean that someone else didn't like Crackdown (which was also a really good game) more. It is possible to have a difference of opinion.

Kingdom Come3100d ago

Metacritic on several occasions fail to include a number of high mark reviews from huge reviewers.

Gamester1013102d ago

This is a fail article if I've ever seen one. Even if you take the poor writing and obvious bias from the article, he's forgotten several MASSIVE titles potentially on show for this year's E3 for Sony. Their arguably biggest, most promising titles as well;

Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Final Fantasy XIV
The Last Guardian
Demon Souls 2

The reason these have been omitted is because the 360 simply does not have anything that can match these games. This guy needs to learn to write.

Kingdom Come3100d ago

This is a comparison Article, it takes the best franchises from both consoles of similar kinds.
Gears of War anihilates Resistance.
White Knight Chronicles is terrible in comparison to Fable.
Halo Obliterates Killzone.
Natal looks more technically impressive than move.
The only part of the article I disagree with is the Crackdown/Infamous comparison, although Crackdown was impressive, Infamous was the greater game.
Can't wait for Gears of War 3 Gameplay at E3!
Let's be honest guy's, it looks like it's gonna be one hell of an event!
Anouncements Galore by the looks of it!