Halo: Reach Armour bonuses for Limited + Legendary Editions pictured

The Lost Gamer writes:

Whilst today has already brought us news of the three Halo: Reach SKU's and their contents, Bungie didn't release images of the either the bonus armour for the Elite (available within the Limited Edition), or Spartan (available within the Legendary Edition).

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Another One3104d ago

May 3rd, Grab a copy of ODST and you're in.

A bunch of flaming heads in Reach is going to be rather hilarious.

Seedhouse3104d ago

I've whacked my preorder down, but I wonder if the Legendary Edition will be in limited numbers?

Otherwise everyone will be on fire, lol

FreeMonk3104d ago

The Diarama looks superb, and the books etc included look great.

Not too bothered about the flaming head will probably make you a easier target.

aviator1893104d ago

Yea, they better keep to their words on this whole limited supply thing unlike with halo 3. I really don't want to dish out 150 bucks for something that everyone will have access to after launch. After the limited supply is over, they shouldn't make them anymore.

DirtyLary3104d ago

150 bucks for a skin????????

LOL don't worry, you suckers will be in limited quantity online.

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masterofpwnage3104d ago

i thought it was gay at first because reach is set in the past but they have better and cooler weapon,but i guess thats all cleared up now.

Jack-Pyro3104d ago

Say Gay like its a bad thing. B====D O=

BeaArthur3104d ago

Cool armor but still not enough to make me want to pay that much extra.

-MD-3104d ago

Looks cool but not 150$ cool.

8thnightvolley3104d ago

dig the flaming helmet.. just hope its not an east headshot attractor.

Bnet3433104d ago

Too bad it is. You basically have a bullseye on your head say headshot me. It can also make you stand out from a group which would mean you will most likely die a lot when shooting with your team beside you. I wouldn't wear it the same way I don't wear the samurai sword on my back in Halo 3 because it can go through walls and people see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.