New Halo:Reach multiplayer footage - Beta battles beyond epic

This new documentary with the Bungie team details all the new work they've put into re-amping what is destined to be the most impressive Halo to date

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SupeerSteebbi4115d ago

Beyond Epic my ass...looks okay.

FishCake9T44114d ago

Some of these guys should take up stand up comedy.

BeaArthur4114d ago what would be beyond epic to you? Since you are an expert.

Sunny_D4114d ago

Actually that was epic, and check out the dude's beard at 2:48 in the vid. :D

Christopher4114d ago

I love their outdoor areas, but their indoor areas are too clean and very empty. The Overlook level they showed looks really good.

Also, those Mongoose shots from the other thread were definitely taken from this video and over-use of blur, which washed out a lot of detail, was because they tried taking a picture of a flash video paused. In gameplay, the detail is still there even when you're in a vehicle.

I _still_ don't like the lack of cover tactics and mostly open area shooting fest, but that's just me. Did love seeing someone come down on top of someone else in the air and kill them in melee. The idea of being able to be attacked from invis or from above adds a lot of potential for strategy, which I think will make up for the lack of a cover system in certain maps that allow a lot of free movement.

aparri244114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I'll answer that question for him..... GOD.......OF........WAR......3 , also for a FPS.......BAD.....COMPANY..... ....2

Bob-Dole4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Bob Dole can't wait to teach some "noobs" how Bob Dole bring the pain online.

Look out kids, because Bob Dole is coming for you.

Bob Dole.

STREET x KING4114d ago

i'm going to decide how "epic" it is when i play the beta as soon as it comes out..

BYE4114d ago

When they talk about "epic" related to Halo Reach, they mean gameplay, obviously not graphics.

EvilBlackCat4114d ago


Boody-Bandit4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

A friend of mine was calling it Halo Re(peat)ach and I wasn't disagreeing.
I loved Halo Combat Evolved (1 of my favorite console shooters ever).
Halo 2 not as much.
Halo 3 even less.
Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed them all but not as much as the original. Halo ODST I didn't bother with but I received it in the mail today from amazon. I picked it up just to get into the Reach beta. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but will soon.
Now on topic.
The more I see of Reach the more it reminds me of the original and that is what I WANT! Now I'm glad I spent the money to get into the beta.

badz1494114d ago

but this is a PR vid. of course everything is going to be all shiny and great and those are people who are making the game talking about this and that and everything they made is awesome...come on...I prefer gamer talk above PR talk any day of the week!


Where are the mods for all this spam?

Traveler4114d ago

Yep, looks absolutely epic to me. Graphics are awesome too. I feel pretty confident that Reach will be something special.

mikeslemonade4114d ago

Gameplay looks addictive. I just wish it was more fast paced. Graphics mediocre as I expected. If you say the graphics are awesome, what are you really comparing it to? Yes, it's better than Halo 3, but it isn't better than half of the FPS games that has come out in the past 2 years.

BeaArthur4114d ago

aparri24...well everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I thought both GoW1 and 2 were better but hey I get it, it's new and fresh so you are still really into it. BC2 is amazing and Halo: Reach will be as well.

Shepherd 2144113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Bungie doesnt release "PR" videos. Bungie releases Bungie videos, true-to-form representations of exactly what you will see when you play the Beta.

Thats the benefit of being a Halo fan. Bungie spoon feeds us so much that my belly aches at times. You just have to stay in the loop and see for yourself how involved Bungie is with their community. Its surrealistic, especially because of how rare it is for a dev to be like them, and one day, it will be regarded as Mythic.

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almehdaaol4115d ago

Custom Spartans FTW! I typically dont even care about Halo...

knightdarkbox4114d ago

Halo:Reach looks great but I always think its funny how people ps3 fanboys hate on halo. 1: it's just a video game and 2: It's not like your opinion is going to change the minds of the people who enjoy playing halo. No one cares if you hate halo ps3 fanboys cuz I'm tired of hearing shi* of you.

Ghostsmoker4114d ago

Thank god I have BC2 to play right now.

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