Scary conspiracy theory for the paranoid gamer

GamesRadar: Ever read George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four? Ever suspected your bathroom mirror is a videocamera feeding your actions to the government? Ever switched off your phone to stop 'them' tracking your location? Then this article is for you.

There's massive potential for any of your gaming devices to be used by dark forces to monitor your actions. They aren't, of course. It would be highly illegal, so nobody would ever dream of trying it.

Which is exactly what they want you to think! This is the paranoid gamer's terrifying, entirely possible (if not plausible) surveillance reality of your favourite gaming console...

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NateNater3099d ago

Big Brother is watching ;)

Anarki3099d ago

This is the exact reason WHY I DO NOT have my camera plugged in, ever.

I saw a video awhile back about this one guy who could access everything on thousands of peoples computers. He even activated like 20 webcams of people who had absolutely no idea. I forgot what it was called though, it's on youtube somewhere.

Seriously, unplug all your webcams and do very regular virus checks... ¬_¬