2D vs 3D: Game series that are best left within certain dimensions

Which games need to be fixed and which are unfixable in their transition from side-scroller to 3D? The Kartel picked a few major series for the first article and decided to look at their journey from 2D to 3D and finally decide which world they are destined to be in.

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gumgum993105d ago

Out of all the ones listed, I believe Sonic has the greatest chance in being successful again in both dimensions. Titles like Sonic 2006 are just examples of bad games that could've been great, had the game had more development time, and the quality of the 3D titles has been improving with time since then, so I wouldn't count Sonic out of 3D just yet.

Here's to a great Sonic 4.

IrieMars3105d ago

I really hope Konami pulls it through with a good 3D castlevania. God castlevania 64 was painful *shudders*

almehdaaol3105d ago

Might be kind of one off but how about sports games? Madden games specifically?