Blizzard Appealing Korean Adults-Only Rating for StarCraft 2

Brian Leahy at Shacknews writes:

"The Korean Game Ratings Board has given StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty an adults-only rating (via IncGamers) in South Korea, deeming it unsuitable for gamers under the age of 18, based on "the game's level of violence, foul language and depiction of drug use."

I'm told by Blizzard PR representative Bob Colayco that the rating was based upon an early build of the game and Blizzard has already appealed the rating, submitting a new build to "address the Game Ratings Board's concerns."

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lzim3105d ago

since they are appealing they must want an all ages rating, but since they want to put crap in the game that has nothing to do with the game that will sell.. trillions of copies and be played for trillions of hours.. no matter what they ship.

why not just change the game before appealing the rating (of an unfinished game)?