This Spring On PlayStation

The first quarter of 2010 was a fantastic line-up involving some of the best games and sequels being released. The likes of MAG, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII were all highly anticipated in the gaming world, and it's safe to say that some of them rose to the challenge (with some major candidates for Game of the Year) whilst others didn't quite live up to their hype. But that was last quarter, we're nearly two weeks into the second quarter of 2010, so what does Sony have lined up for us now? And can Spring live up to what the first few months set us up for? Join PlayStation Future to discover what lies ahead on PlayStation...

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Blaster_Master3192d ago

buh buh teh ps3 doesn't have any games. LOL!

N4PS3G3192d ago

You mean 9 multiplayer games, 1 psp game, 1 released PS2 game, and Modnation Racers? Fun times

ian723192d ago

I have got some great games for my PS3 in the last 3 months or so. I only have a few games I want coming in the next 3 months. This should give me time to catch up with some games I need to finish and also save a bit more money for later in the year.