Arkham Asylum 2 to miss 2010 release?

A senior UK retail source has told CVG that Warner is planning to hold back Batman Arkham Asylum 2's release date until 2011.

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comp_ali3731d ago

everyone know it would take more than year to make a good game.

Not like Activision keep releasing a COD every year and the sheeps continue to buy it.

LtSkittles3731d ago

Well, I expect it to be at E3, and maybe get a release date winter 2010-early 2011, or the summer of 2011. It shouldn't take long, because Arkham Asylum didn't take long, I mean completion wise. Plus RockSteady know what they're doing.

zorg7293731d ago

i havnt beaten the 1st yet! i gotta get to work!