ModNation Racers PSP To Feature PS3 Interconnectivity

Worthplaying writes, "With an engine borrowed from WipEout, six player online racing and plenty of freedom to customize, ModNation Racers PSP is already enticing players. At a Sony PSP demo event in San Francisco last night, producer Vernon Mollette revealed one more tidbit – limited interconnectivity between the PSP and PS3 versions of the game."

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remanutd553099d ago

very good news i hope more games that are on both platforms take advantage of it , like Resistance for example

Syriel3099d ago

I'm of a mixed opinion. On the one hand, it's awesome if it is true gameplay features/enhancement. But on the other, if games just do the unlockable thing is it really a bonus or just a ploy to get consumers to buy both versions of the game?

remanutd553099d ago

just downloaded the ModNation Racers psp demo , man its a blast , cant wait to get the full game!!