Alan Wake Web Films Due Next Week

Microsoft has announced it will release a series of web films for Alan Wake, beginning next week.

The Bright Falls films will act as a prequel to the story in the game and the first installment is due to arrive on Xbox LIVE next week.

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AnttiApina3105d ago

You can watch the short teaser from the website:

Select see more videos and pick the video there.

Really seems like a Twin Peaks series.

Christopher3105d ago

Microsoft, you can't beat their marketing tactics in this day and age. This sounds very intriguing.

Inside_out3105d ago's a 360 exclusive...expect nothing but PS3 fanboys crying everyday a video is released...but, but it's foggy or my custom pixel counter tells me it's not good...Can't wait for the game, I'll watch the vids AFTER playing the game...I'm sure they will be full of spoilers....Remedy a class act...everything about this title is so professional and top notch....

Fyzzu3105d ago

I'm gonna eagerly watch out for these. The Assassin's Creed 2 live-action videos were great, and if I'm honest, it's the story in Alan Wake that I'm interested in. The gameplay doesn't look that amazing from what I've seen, so it's all down to the plot as to whether I pick it up or not.

Maticus3105d ago

The game looks so much like a film anyway, this seems to fit! Also, Assassin's Creed did this too didn't they?

AndyA3105d ago

Remedy has already said it's taken inspiration from TV and films for Alan Wake, so not hugely surprising to see a prequel. I hope the game's story lives up to the hype.

Dorjan3105d ago

Web films? Is this going to be another interactive movie? :lol:

William Gates3105d ago

On how to use a Flashlight

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