£100 for Halo Reach LE

Gamestation has just listed all three SKUs on its site at the following prices:
* Halo Reach - £37.99
* Halo Reach Limited Edition - £59.99
* Halo Reach Legendary Edition - £99.99

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Ghostsmoker3106d ago

I need it. I only got the Limited on Halo 3. Beta can't come soon enough.

ASSASSYN 36o3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I am getting legendary only if it includes something special that is usable in-game like a flaming helmet, or custom skin not just extra maps.

aviator1893105d ago

The legendary will have flaming helmet codes, it's been confirmed along with the special elite armor.

ASSASSYN 36o3104d ago

Do you have a link to this proof? Then it isn't confirmed... from you.