Question: Is Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto with horses?

The easiest way to describe Red Dead Redemption is 'GTA with horses' or 'GTA in the wild west' but is that the most accurate way of looking at it? Play's decided to tackle this question in the most scientific way it knows how – breaking it down into five parts and writing a little bit about each. You'll find the shocking conclusion to this investigation at the bottom of this story…

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BubbleSystemSuck3099d ago

Is Red Dead Redemption.
And is looking better than GTA IV... more polished and complete

BeaArthur3099d ago

Based on what I have seen I would say no. Red Dead Redemption will have Dead Eye mode and other key gameplay differences. Also it appears that Red Dead will have more interesting side quests as opposed to playing darts and watching shows at comedy clubs.

Roper3163099d ago

We can only hope not! GTA IV was the worst in the series to date. Talking about the core game and not the DLC, I have it but haven't played it yet.