Sony Launching VidZone TV Today on PS3

Sony will today launch VidZone TV, a set of 100 preprogrammed channels for PlayStation 3 users across Europe.

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B-Real2064069d ago

i hope one day we can get something like this in the U.S.

Myst4069d ago

I agree, hopefully at least before or by years end a few more countries will get this service.

Chris3994069d ago

Been waiting for this since it launched in the EU.

I've downloaded it off of the EU store, to no avail - it's region locked, sadly.

Being Canadian, I'll get it dead last though. We still don't have the tv/ video section on the PSN.

gaffyh4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Yeah they should have had this day one, but better late than never I guess, if it ever comes to US.

Fishy Fingers4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

It's a 3rd party company that only have the rights to broadcast in EU countries (not all). I'm sure they're working on the US/Canada but I wouldnt hold my horses.

FamilyGuy4069d ago

Even if they charged some small fee i'd take this service. Wish it were an option here.

gaffyh4069d ago

Maybe we'll hear of a US alternative at E3? maybe?

FarEastOrient4068d ago

When are we getting things like this in the United States? I also have nowTV from Hong Kong and just downloaded VidZone from UK, great stuff if you trick your IP/Signal Routing.

Customers should have available to them as much content as possible and the companies will make more money that way. Getting Qore and UK's Play is great and checking out game picks from Japanese magazines is interesting too.

More free stuff like Pulse and Tester is nice too...

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tdrules4069d ago

To the US guys you might as well just use YouTube, it loads a lot quicker since the new PS3 FW update.
VidZone has to update when you boot up if new videos have been added (5-10 mins) and the interface is really bad.
Also the selection isn't great

raztad4069d ago

Thanks for the heads up.

I never watch/listen Youtube on my PS3, too slow for my liking. I'm gonna give it a try.

Myst4069d ago

Ah :/ hmm, interesting and as Raztad stated thanks for the heads up. Though you know how us 'gamers' are if something looks interesting, gotta give it a try :).

faisdotal4069d ago

I think he's just tryna make you guys feel better, VidZone has a great selection if you live in the UK, the interface has been changed up + the new TV channel stuff is dope.

D4RkNIKON4069d ago

Yeah, I like to try anything that my PS3 is capable of doing. I tried making a EU PSN account and downloading VidZone but it is region locked like some one above mentioned. I was able to download the app but not run it.

Ahmay4069d ago

if its possible to do a playlist on youtube then thats even better... youtube has so much content...

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Jamie Foxx4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Ohwell its free and an amazing service so can't complain,this is why I purchase sony products,build quality,exclusives and the free content

El Nino4069d ago

Isnt safe, i always get a warning from avast when i go on there about malicious content on that site, it always claims to block some threat

i'd try to avoid it if i was you, or even ban the site from n4g

on topic: i already have vidzone so i'll try this tv thing n see whats up with it

Handsome_Devil4069d ago

the benefit of using Linux, don't really have to worry about these things called viruses :D

seany14069d ago

so at least give e.u who have bought the most ps3s something without moaning peeps u guys have got loads of better stuff dont forget scee treat europe like crap .charged higher prices too

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