Fox to air a 30 minute Red Dead Redemption special next month

On May 15 (the Sunday before the game's release) Fox will air a 30 minute Red Dead Redemption animated special about life in the west.

The special for Rockstar Games upcoming open-world western will be headed by John Hillcoat - director of The Road. The show is believed to showcase the developers take the historical events that took place in the final days of the old west.

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4221853153d ago

They should do this more often. Does anyone know if something like this has been done before?

TooTall193153d ago

Not exactly like this. It's sort of a mix between Mario & Luigi's animated series, and the Halo specials MTV puts on to promote an upcoming game.

Christopher3153d ago

Gotta love that the people who run FOX News aren't the same minded people who run the FOX Network.

Do wonder if this will really help in properly promoting the game to the correct audience, though. A lot of 'history' buffs aren't into gaming, otherwise they'd already own and know about games like this.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3153d ago

I hope this game ends up on the PC.

I've been playing a bunch of games with my new 5870 Vapor-X (it totally rapes) and I am really hoping that we will get a PC version of Red Dead Redemption.

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TooTall193153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

There aren't many details about it yet. Hopefully this is on the main Fox channel (I'm pretty sure it will be) and it's aired right after the Simpsons. Make a big deal out of it cause this is one every adult can enjoy.

Deios3153d ago

Sweet! I'll be tuned.

va_bank3153d ago

I can imagine all the regular people (non-gamers) sitting there, waiting for American Idol results, going "WTF is this?!?" :)))

booni33153d ago

will there be a demo 4 this game

knight6263153d ago

This games doesnt need no demo

its rockstar u dont need to worry about that game sucking its going to be an awesome game cant wait

va_bank3153d ago

After GTAIV, I would like to see a demo.

BYE3153d ago

Demo? What for?

It's Rockstar Games, they don't need to prove themselves anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.